Man On The Moon Anniversary - Bob Ulm

If you  were alive early in the morning of July 20th 1969 when Wapakoneta native Neil Armstrong took his historic first steps on the surface of the moon, you no doubt remember where you were, what you were doing and who you were Continue reading →Read More

Blessing In Disguise _ Bob Ulm

There’s an old saying I learned as a kid that says “necessity is the mother of all invention”. That was certainly the  case for a man from northeast Ohio who used what he had, or was wearing, to stay alive. Continue reading →Read More

The Story Of The Singing Cicadas - Bob Ulm

I was enjoying a few minutes in the pool, in between rain events on Wednesday, when I heard it the first time this year.   That unmistakable sound that provides all the reminder I need that summer is at it’s midway Continue reading →Read More

Non Crisis Crisis - Bob Ulm

To say that there were some tense moments in Delphos on Tuesday is a tremendous understatement. A nearly 4 hour long ordeal for emergency service providers from Delphos, Allen, Putnam and Van Wert counties, as well as a couple of state agencies, Continue reading →Read More

Coffee Has Many Positivie Attributes - Bob Ulm

If you love coffee as I do, there’s a new report for us from researchers on both sides of the Atlantic. This report gives those of us who start our day with what our doctors will say is too much Continue reading →Read More

Your Help Is Needed - Bob Ulm

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of a reported home invasion in Delphos this past Saturday, as they recover from serious stab wounds in an area hospital.   Such incidents are rare indeed in our community, and for that Continue reading →Read More

Credit Where Credit is Due - Bob Ulm

I wrote last month about the tremendous work a group of young volunteers from the Landeck and Delphos areas had done in organizing a fundraiser to help to defray some of the medical expenses facing Landeck area oral cancer patient Continue reading →Read More

Looking Toward My Inevitable Future - Bob Ulm

For a reason that I suppose some psychologists would have a field-day figuring out, the first thought I had when I woke up after 5 hours of sleep overnight, a full hour before my 3 alarm clocks would start going Continue reading →Read More

Improving Economy Equals More Fireworks - Bob Ulm

Since I’m not blessed with sight, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that the excitement so many of you feel about fireworks is lost on me. Fireworks falls for me in the same category as interior lighting. I know Continue reading →Read More

A Suggestion For Your July 4th Holiday - Bob Ulm

The summer break I’m about to enjoy from work isn’t nearly as long as the one that members of congress will get  over the holiday, but it will be enjoyable to be sure. I wanted to take the opportunity afforded Continue reading →Read More

Enjoy It While We've Got It - Bob Ulm

I’m the last guy to give advice, and no matter who you are, you’re likely to know a ton of people more willing to pass it out. But I do have a suggestion.  Get outside and enjoy the weather.  June Continue reading →Read More

Delphos Kiwanis Give Back - Bob Ulm

At a time when many service clubs are struggling to find new members and keep the membership they have engaged, there are a few which are seeing growth. They are becoming more  involved, and fostering the spirit of volunteerism, that Continue reading →Read More

Mayor Steps Down To Fight For His Life - Bob Ulm

News that Delphos Mayor Michael Gallmeier had submitted a letter of resignation from a position he had held for nearly 10 years this morning was one of the more difficult stories I have had to do in my more than Continue reading →Read More

The Fire That Changed The World - Bob Ulm

An event 48 years ago on June 22, 1969 put a major Ohio city at the forefront of the way our nation was abusing its environment, and played a huge roll in efforts to clean up water ways. The water Continue reading →Read More

JAY-Z is NOT Jay Z - Bob Ulm

If you want to convince those you work with just how “in tune” you are with the social media buzz of the day today, you might start out a conversation asking “have you heard about JAY-Z”? The 6th item on Continue reading →Read More

Kids Need Smart Phones Too - Bob Ulm

The answer to the question of how soon a child should get a smart phone these days from at least some parents seems to be as soon as they can tie their shoes. The convenience of instant contact that mobile Continue reading →Read More

Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth - Bob Ulm

Is it a coincidence, or something else, that the gas prices you’re seeing at the pump this week are some of the lowest in any summer since 2005? It seems like more than a coincidence that expansion of production of Continue reading →Read More

Fathers' Day - Bob Ulm

It’s hard for me to write about Fathers’ Day without being just a little philosophical about the way fathers have changed since I was a kid. In my childhood years, it seemed a lot of dads went to work and Continue reading →Read More

Elder Abuse Reality - Bob Ulm

Today is Elder Abuse Awareness day. Stats prove that a growing segment of our population falls within the category of senior citizen every year. So information on crimes that impact seniors is, I think, worthy of a look. Information like Continue reading →Read More

Evil Among Us - Bob Ulm

This mornings’ shooting incident during practice for a congressional charity baseball game near Washington D.C. is just the latest example of a society which seems to have become increasingly unhinged. Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, 2 police officers, and at least Continue reading →Read More

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