The Not So Well Oiled Machine - Bob Ulm

I’ve always fancied myself as a guy who’s seldom at a loss for words. Though my spelling issues are well documented, I’d consider myself fairly adept at using the English language in an appropriate way. But that depends on the Continue reading →Read More

MLK Day 2018 - Bob Ulm

With another Martin Luther King Jr. holiday upon us, I continue to wonder what Dr. King would think of the state of race relations in these United States. While I’ve read information that indicates Dr. King was investigated for ties Continue reading →Read More

My Next Life Choices - Bob Ulm

Well here we are…waiting for the next winter blast to hit western Ohio. As I write this, there are so many conflicting reports and estimates of how much weather, and what kind of wintery precipitation that we’re going to get over Continue reading →Read More

Keeping Up With Technology Advancements - Bob Ulm

I’ll try my best as I write this post to not sound like that “this technology has gotten to be too much” guy that I promised I’d never become. However, I must admit switching after 8 years from one of Continue reading →Read More

A Wintery Day To Start The Work Week - Bob Ulm

Welcome to January in Ohio! Very nasty driving conditions, especially early this morning, gave most area students a day off today. And also frazzled some nerves of folks who needed to get to work. As for me, the day started with 2 Continue reading →Read More

Woe-Hio NFL Football - Bob Ulm

As the most casual pro football fan, I’ve been intrigued and somewhat amazed at what our states’ NFL teams have or haven’t done in the days since the Browns and Bengals completed another in a series of dismal seasons. The Continue reading →Read More

A Very Frosty Beginning To 2018 - Bob Ulm

People love to talk about the weather, and these days there’s plenty to talk about. New Year’s day in many Ohio cities was the  coldest first day of any year on record. Temperatures, as I write this post this morning, are the coldest Continue reading →Read More

New Year, New You

As 2017 winds down my email inbox is starting to get flooded with people described as experts making pitches about stories aimed at those who plan to make new years resolutions in hopes of getting skinnier, working out more or Continue reading →Read More

New Year's Resolution - Bob Ulm

Before we know it, a new year will be here. And that, of course, is the time to make resolutions. The only one I’ve come up with so far is to do my best to be a better listener, and Continue reading →Read More

Sticks And Stones May Break Bones - Bob Ulm

Some stories that reach my desk each day make me laugh. There are others that leave me scratching my head too, but the story below has me convinced that there is a staff of  bureaucrats  somewhere inside the white house who could Continue reading →Read More

Celebrating A Special Birthday - Bob Ulm

What I’d like to consider a local radio milestone will be celebrated on Friday December 15th when Fun 107.1 WDOH turns 45 years old. The station first went on the air at 107.1 FM at 7:15 P.M. on that Friday evening opening up with Donna Fargo’s Continue reading →Read More

Is Turkey Therapy Really Necessary? - Bob Ulm

Is it just me, or would you agree that the story below is a little ridiculous to be considered worthy of statewide attention this morning? “CUYAHOGA FALLS (AP) — A wild turkey that’s become semi-famous for chasing pedestrians and bicyclists in Continue reading →Read More

Christmas Music Can Have Healing Properties - Bob Ulm

When it comes to Christmas music, you won’t find many people who will say they don’t like at least a little of it.  Regardless of what is going on in your life as the holidays approach, it seems to me that the Continue reading →Read More

The One Change In The Radio Business That HASN'T Happened - Bob Ulm

In the radio business, like most others, the one word that would categorize the past 40 plus years better than any other is “change”. My career started prior to the fall of Nixon when turntables, reel-to-reel machines, and cartridges that Continue reading →Read More

A Christmas Season Dinosaur - Bob Ulm

“Tis the season” for the company Christmas party! If your company is like most, the gathering you’ll attend will be much different than it would have been a few short years ago. Back in the day, as we are fond of Continue reading →Read More

Santa Is Coming To Delphos - Bob Ulm

There won’t be any snow on the ground, but there will be plenty of Christmas spirit in the air! Friday night, December 1st, when the Delphos Kiwanis club presents their annual home town Christmas celebration. Your kids and grand kids will be able to take Continue reading →Read More

Seeing Myself In A Youngster - Bob Ulm

I had a great time broadcasting Monday from the newly remodeled McDonalds restaurant in downtown Lima. The Lewis family McDonalds folks are always such gracious hosts, and the food and coffee were great too. The highlight of my day was when a little Continue reading →Read More

Rainy Days & Cyber Mondays Always Get me Down - Bob Ulm

Call me weird if you wish, but all of the popular talk about “Cyber Monday” makes me laugh. I’m intrigued by the number of people who seem to have a desire to wait to shop online so that they can be Continue reading →Read More

Bye Bye Black Friday - Bob Ulm

There’s an old Bob  Dylan penned song which says “the times they are a changing”. As much as the folks  on Madison Avenue would wish  it otherwise, it’s starting to look to me like Black Friday is turning into another of those parts of our American Continue reading →Read More

Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving - Bob Ulm

I’m hoping the thanksgiving holiday weekend will provide you a little time away from work, some time to spend with family and friends, and time to determine if you still love to get over loaded with all of the turkey stuffing and Continue reading →Read More

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