It's Tournament Time Again - Bob Ulm

The teams have been selected, and the field is set for another 68 team NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. It’s an event that has people who can’t agree on politics, religion, or almost anything else, getting together to pick their Continue reading →Read More

Giving Respect To Those Who Overcome Adversity - Bob Ulm

 Of all the athletes you may see in person, or on the tube in the next few days, I would argue none will be more impressive than the competitors in the 2018 Paralympic Games that are underwy through March 18th in South Korea. Continue reading →Read More

Teams Must Spend Money With Wisdom - Bob Ulm

Despite declining TV ratings and other issues, it appears the NFL is alive and well. So much so that the salary cap for each of the league’s teams is reportedly being increased for the upcoming season by 10 million dollars. Continue reading →Read More

Living Life - Bob Ulm

If you were to judge the importance of an event based on the amount of play it gets in the national news, on facebook, twitter, and the like, you might think that the 90th annual Oscar Awards in Los Angeles Continue reading →Read More

Made In The USA - Bob Ulm

I was told early on in my life that for every action there is a reaction, and that for every positive there are at least an equal number of negatives. Such may be the case with the announcement from the Continue reading →Read More

Opie Is All Grown Up Now - Bob Ulm

Is there any more gifted, or accomplished, person in the entertainment business today than Ron Howard? I can’t quickly think of one. Howard, who started to grow up before the nation eyes starring as Opie on the Andy Griffith show in Continue reading →Read More

Chickens Instead Of Smart Phones - Bob Ulm

As I think I’ve mentioned a time or two in the past, my email inbox is filled every day with a wide variety of interview possibilities or story pitches from every public relations firm known to man. If there are Continue reading →Read More

A Crime Isn't A Crime Unles We Say It's A Crime - Bob Ulm

The report from ESPN and Yahoo sports of a bribery payment involving a key recruit and the men’s basketball coach at Arizona made public over the weekend is just the latest scandal to rock the world of college basketball. The reports, based Continue reading →Read More

Olympic Observations - Bob Ulm

Although I have far less than a passing interest in the Winter Olympic Games, the time I’ve spent exposed to olympic coverage leaves me with a couple of impressions. The decision by alpine skier Ted Ligety to withdraw from the Continue reading →Read More

Going Paperless Doesn't Mean Clutterless - Bob Ulm

Like most people in an age when we are tethered to technology at work, at home, and everywhere in between, I have a half dozen email accounts, 2 that are related to work, one of which can be reached from Continue reading →Read More

Looking For Competitive Balance - Bob Ulm

1 of 7 proposed changes to Ohio High School sports rules from the Ohio High School Athletic Association to be voted on by member schools in May would, I think, go a long way toward bringing some sanity to what Continue reading →Read More

Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Bob Ulm (via Forrest Gump)

I’ve been around a lot of people all of my life. I’ve heard quite a few dumb things said, but few compare with something I heard Tuesday. And what I heard was on an elevator at the James Cancer Center in Columbus, which is a Continue reading →Read More

Did The Cavaliers Really Fix Everything On Trade Day? - Bob Ulm

Sports fans who were paying attention Sunday evening, or this morning, got the latest example of how the national sports media folks love to bring the mighty down and look for the next big thing. The Cleveland Cavaliers, who traded much of Continue reading →Read More

We Lost Another Great Man To Cancer - Bob Ulm

Words whether written or spoken can’t really express the sadness I felt when i learned late last week that long time former Delphos City Council Representative and former Delphos Mayor Michael Gallmeier had lost a 9-month long battle with cancer which forced Continue reading →Read More

Is Big Brother Really Watching Me? - Bob Ulm

I’m not a big conspiracy theory fan. I don’t believe the government faked the moon landing in 1969.   I don’t think Adolph Hitler escaped to Argentina.   I’ve never been a guy who’s worried about our government, or any other government, having Continue reading →Read More

We Tribe Fans Remain Hopeful - Bob Ulm

I had a very enjoyable time last night hanging out with other Cleveland fans at a Tribe Caravan stop sponsored by our sister station 93.1 The Fan at Westgate Entertainment Center in Lima. Snow may have been falling outside, and the pro Continue reading →Read More

The Monday After The Super Bowl Blues - Bob Ulm

I swear to you that on of these years I’m going to remember to take a day off on the day after the Super Bowl. I didn’t again  this year, so I missed the halftime show and the vast majority of Continue reading →Read More

It's Never Too Late To Learn New Things - Bob Ulm

From a country known best for skiing, cheese, dairy cows, and beautiful dairy princesses comes word of a new bid to put their little nation on  the map.  The story is below… “(Lucerne) — A Swiss university now offers a Continue reading →Read More

What Makes A Service Animal A Service Animal? - Bob Ulm

I’ve heard of service dogs, service cats, but a therapy peacock? Now that’s something new for me, and apparently an airline isn’t sure that it qualifies as earning the right to travel afforded to other more traditional service animals. Below Continue reading →Read More

Are We Really Helping Our Native Americans? - Bob Ulm

Word Monday that the Cleveland Indians management has given  in to pressure from the hierarchy of Major League Baseball to remove the Chief Wahoo logo from Tribe uniforms and stadium displays in time to host the 2019 MLB All Star game marks the Continue reading →Read More

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