A Big Overreaction - Bob Ulm

Seems there are plenty of folks less than happy with cable company service these days, but it seems one woman went just a little too far to express her frustration with something This story from our news partner at MetroSource Continue reading →Read More

So Thats's All I Need? - Bob Ulm

Results of a newly released study by researchers at one of America’s most prestigious universities reveals the words of a 1960’s song may have been right on the mark when it comes to what we need to survive. This story Continue reading →Read More

The Grass Isn't Always Greener On The Other Side - Bob Ulm

People in a state known for some of the most beautiful sights, sounds, and weather you can find anywhere in the United States are suffering from a fierce display of mother nature’s power that most of us can only imagine. Continue reading →Read More

Another Retail Giant Is Extinct - Bob Ulm

Depending on what you read, or who you talk to, word today that the once iconic Longaberger Basket Company is out of business is one of several things. It is either a sign of changing consumer preferences and marketing, or simply a Continue reading →Read More

I'm Into The Classics - Bob Ulm

Because my new Dish Network package includes several channels that we didn’t have previously that play nothing but old TV shows and movies, I’ve found myself spending more time than normal in front of one of the TV’s in our Continue reading →Read More

A Sure Sign That Spring has Arrived - Bob Ulm

Spring may, finally, actually be here! I’m fairly certain of this based on the long-term weather outlook and the fact that Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park will open for another season this Saturday. The opening weekend at the Sandusky theme park Continue reading →Read More

When Funny People Attack - Bob Ulm

The harsh and personal attacks leveled at Sara Sanders by comedienne Michelle Wolf during last weekend’s annual White House Correspondant’s dinner have me thinking that the roast, like tv rabbit ears and the hoola-hoop, may have outlived it’s usefulness. The Continue reading →Read More

Some Concesssions Are Better Than NO Concessions - Bob Ulm

Just when it seemed like the world is coming apart at the seams, word that the leaders of North and South Korea have made some minor concessionary agreements. This, following a recent face-to-face meeting between leaders of the 2 Korean peninsula nations, Continue reading →Read More

Do We Really Care What Others Think? - Bob Ulm

I don’t know about you, but all of the internet flap over a tweet from rapper Kanye West indicating he and our president are brothers, and another with a photo of West wearing a Make America Great hat is both Continue reading →Read More

Baseball Should Be Played In Baseball Weather - Bob Ulm

For those of us who live in a part of the country that should have warmed up days ago, news that the number of major league baseball games canceled so far in April has set a new record isn’t surprising Continue reading →Read More

You've Only Just Begun - Bob Ulm

I’m a big fan of hugs. And my family physician probably isn’t that excited that snacks are a big part of my daily diet. But the story below, from our metro networks metro-source service, has me wondering if our young Continue reading →Read More

The Passing Of A First Class First Lady - Bob Ulm

What we’re seeing as Americans since the death of former first lady Barbara Bush, is a political reality which may be unique to our country. Since her passing at the age of 93 earlier this week, current and former political Continue reading →Read More

A More Convenient & Simple Life - Bob Ulm

Word today that Amazon’s Prime service now has 100 million customers is a sign of the world of buying things that we increasingly live in today. Prime’s annual subscription entitles you to free shipping and access to Amazon’s music service and other perks. Continue reading →Read More

It's Spelled U.L.M. - Bob Ulm

There’s not much that upsets me greatly, but companies I deal with who use folks from another country to answer my calls are on top the list right now. I’m so used to having to spell my last name, Ulm, Continue reading →Read More

Mother Nature Must Be Angry - Bob Ulm

I walked outside at 2:00 A.M. this morning to a 20 mile per hour wind and snow smacking me in the face. This would be okay I guess if it were early February, but on April 17th….seriously? The global warming crowd won’t find many Continue reading →Read More

The Passing Of An Amazing Woman - Bob Ulm

Sister Mary Michel Schmitt may never be canonized a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, but if she didn’t get a “no questions asked” free pass into heaven no such thing exists. Sister Michel, as she was known by her Continue reading →Read More

Spring Has Sprung - Bob Ulm

I’ve got no federally funded study to back up what I think,  but I’m pretty sure that the first warm days of spring do more for our attitudes than all of the medicans we can take combined. The first 70 degree Continue reading →Read More

Another Step Into The 21st Century - Bob Ulm

We’re finally doing it. My bride and I are finally joining the growing legions of Americans who will be living  without a land line telephone. This is very bad news for the host of telemarketers, time share sales reps, political parties, Continue reading →Read More

The Art Of The Nap - Bob Ulm

Our President may have authored a book called “The Art Of The Deal”, but I can thank my 4 year old grandson Evan for re-teaching me about something that may in reality be at least as important. That’s “The Art Continue reading →Read More

Moderation Is The Key To Social Media - Bob Ulm

If I weren’t pretty sure that the information in the Metro News Network story below was likely true, I wouldn’t bother to pass it along. It seems researchers have discovered something many of us already know, and that’s that social Continue reading →Read More

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