How About Just A Live Chat Online? - Bob Ulm

Is it time that the world leader summit went the way of the home phone and the VCR? I’m of the opinion that’s the case! All of the build up to the Helsinki sit-down between President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin yesterday, Continue reading →Read More

Being Punished For Past Transgressions - Bob Ulm

In the world of amped up social media that we live in, it seems admonishments like “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, or “cast the first stone only if you haven’t sinned” seem to be as irrelevant as the Continue reading →Read More

Long Overdue Recognition - Bob Ulm

We’ve all heard about the accomplishments of Jackie Robinson, who broke the major league baseball color barrier in 1947. But the name of the man who earned the nick name “The Black Cyclone” is much less recognizable. Charles Follis was Continue reading →Read More

Time Better Spent - Bob Ulm

I learned a long time ago that ANY negotiation on a difficult issue must start with areas on which there is mutual agreement. We may disagree on whether the Russians tried to influence the 2016 election, or whether the admitted Continue reading →Read More

From The Mouths Of Babes - Bob Ulm

A conversation last night with my 4 year old grandson Evan was both entertaining and enlightening. His mom and grandma were preparing for a garage sale at our house, and he and his almost 2 year old brother were going through the Continue reading →Read More

Close The Cave Forever - Bob Ulm

The story of the Thai soccer team and their coach rescued from a water filled cave in Thailand has captured a lot of news attention, and justifiably so. In its aftermath, there are indications that investors in Thailand hope to capitalize on the significance Continue reading →Read More

The Best System Is Still Flawed - Bob Ulm

The prevalence in the current news cycle, and the partisan bickering that’s already started over President Trump’s decision to nominate conservative Federal Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill a pending vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court Bench, proves just Continue reading →Read More

Free Speech Has It's Limits - Bob Ulm

A Washington Post story today that Twitter has canceled millions of accounts of users the social media network has determined were guilty of spreading “misinformation” on the platform. This is only troubling if you don’t trust the people who run the service Continue reading →Read More

A Ride To Remember - Bob Ulm

An event coming up on Saturday July 14th promises to combine some fun and fundraising for a very good cause. HCF facilities in this area will be hosting their 3rd annual “Ride To Remember” poker run, with proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Continue reading →Read More

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words - Bob Ulm

I honestly think President Trump, who’s been described as the consumate professional in using social media to his benefit, was caught completely off guard for a change. I’m referring to the outrage expressed since photos of children, separated from adults Continue reading →Read More

The King Of All Musicals - Bob Ulm

I’m not a big fan of musicals in general. As a matter of fact, I’ve complained to my bride in the past that the thing about musicals that bugs me is that there’s too much singing in them. However, a Continue reading →Read More

The Importance Of Sleep - Bob Ulm

Word from researchers involved in a newly completed study that the level of stress we Americans face now makes it imperative that we get more sleep, just means I’ve fallen even shorter in what the health experts think I need. Continue reading →Read More

My First Father's Day Without Eric - Bob Ulm

Fathers Day 2018 will be a bit of a bittersweet day for me. Having lost our son Eric to cancer just this past March, and with losing my father when I was 36 in 1992, I won’t be able  to share Continue reading →Read More

Saluting A True Hero - Bob Ulm

At a time when we seem obsessed with finding our heroes among sports or entertainment figures, I have one for you who comes from neither category. His name is Samuel Tom Holiday, but we won’t get to salute him or Continue reading →Read More

Angry + Hungry = Hangry - Bob Ulm

The next time your boss, or significant other, rips on you for a reason you can’t explain, he or she may just be “hangry”. That’s the recently crafted word for being angry because you’re hungry. well, there’s a newly released Continue reading →Read More

Tastes Just Like Chicken - Bob Ulm

I find it ironic that the latest well known figure to find out just how venomous Twitter users can be, is the very CEO of the social media network Jack Dorsey. He tweeted about one of my least favorite posting Continue reading →Read More

A Trip Back In Time - Bob Ulm

If you’d like to spend a little time reliving your younger days, Delphos will be the place to be this Friday night. The Delphos Canal Commission, Delphos Postal Museum, and Delphian Social Club, are inviting everyone to a “cruise-in” night in down Continue reading →Read More

My Opinion About Heroes - Bob Ulm

Among the people I consider heroes, just a handful come, or have come from, the world of sports. Pro athletes who contribute small percentages of their wealth for charitable works don’t make the list. Nor do any of the figures Continue reading →Read More

An Official Waste Of Time - Bob Ulm

Is it time to pull the plug on a long standing white house tradition? When it comes to Presidents inviting sports champions to photo-op ceremonies, I think the answer is yes! Maybe because I’m one of the millions of Americans Continue reading →Read More

Keeping The King In The Land - Bob Ulm

One of the biggest challenges for sports talk show hosts early this week may be to try to build any suspense whatsoever into the NBA championship series between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. After the Cavs last second Continue reading →Read More

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