A Superstar Survivor - Bob Ulm

Is 70 the new 50? That, it seems, is what fans of rock legend Joe Walsh have to be wondering on the occasion this week of his 70th birthday. If you’re are a fan of his solo work, his music Continue reading →Read More

Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Bob Ulm

It never ceases to amaze me how people who should know better make it into the news these days. (Tellico Plains, TN) — Tennessee authorities say a man accidentally shot himself in church while discussing church shootings. After a church Continue reading →Read More

The NFL Has A History Of Recovering - Bob Ulm

I saw a note this morning indicating that a 57 day long strike that saw National Football League teams populated by “replacement players” ended 35 years ago today. That lowlight in history has me wondering whether the league will bounce back from Continue reading →Read More

Getting Compensated For Being Scammed - Bob Ulm

It is so rare that anyone who gets ripped off in a telephone scam has any chance of getting part of what they lost returned. I thought I’d take my blog space today to let you know that, for at least some Continue reading →Read More

The Browns Are Still The Browns - Bob Ulm

For purposes of full disclosure, I am pretty much boycotting the NFL this season. But for no other real reason than my team, the hapless Cleveland Browns, are giving new meaning to the word inept. Sundays’ loss to the Lions, Continue reading →Read More

Smells Just Like Chicken - Bob Ulm

There are items that pop up  on social media and my other news sources  each day that leave me scratching my head. Why would the source consider what they’re promoting a good idea? The item below is one of those! It appears Continue reading →Read More

Tweets Are Getting Longer - Bob Ulm

Be still, my aching thumbs. Twitter now gives us more characters with which to inform…or insult…or do whatever the social media offering allows it’s users to do. Twitter’s owners announced yesterday that the maximum tweet length has been increased from 140 to Continue reading →Read More

Take Time To Thank A True Hero - Bob Ulm

As Veterans Day approaches, results of a new Wallet Hub survey I read this morning prove once again how  much the men and women who serve us in the military, or have done so in the past, deserve our respect for doing Continue reading →Read More

The Importance Of Parent/Teacher Conferences - Bob Ulm

Having received multiple notes from area school districts about the scheduling of parent/teacher conferences in recent days, I am wondering if kids today dread the fallout from those parent/teacher meetings as much as some of us did back in the day. The Continue reading →Read More

It's Halloween, So Be Careful - Bob Ulm

Halloween is one of those events each year that has at least some of us thinking that we really live through the “Good Old Days”.   Back when many of us were growing up, we traveled the streets of our home Continue reading →Read More

Vacations Are Great When They Begin And Great When They End - Bob Ulm

It’s nice to get some time off. It’s also nice to get back to work when you’re doing something that you like to do for a living. That was the case for me when my 2 alarm clocks started waking Continue reading →Read More

May The Best Candidate Win - Bob Ulm

Attending and covering a pre-election Delphos mayoral candidates forum, as I did on Tuesday night, kind of restores my faith in communities and the people who want to serve them. We’re so used to seeing national and state candidates debates with well-scripted Continue reading →Read More

Good To The Last Drop - Bob Ulm

On a day after another Browns dismal performance and a disappointing loss for my second favorite baseball team the Cubs, my spirits got a lift when I read the item below with encouraging news about something that fuels my work Continue reading →Read More

Helping Those Who Help Others - Bob Ulm

I had a chance Thursday night to spend some time with the very special people who make up the staff of Community Health Professionals in Delphos. I was playing a little dinner music for their annual hospice benefit at the Delphos Continue reading →Read More

Technology For Those Of Us Who Can't See - Bob Ulm

I spend a little time each week reading about new technology, particularly as it relates to things that might help those considered disabled or handicapped. The item below, from the North Dakota Institute  for the blind, may be interesting to you Continue reading →Read More

Proud Grandparents Need A Break - Bob Ulm

My bride and I had the joy of baby sitting our 1 and 3 year old grandsons on Saturday, which meant that we had to take it easy on Sunday. The enjoyment you get seeing the world through the eyes Continue reading →Read More

Invention is 5% Inspiration & 95% Perspiration - Bob Ulm

If there’s an ingenious, hi-tech  inventor out there looking to make a fortune with the next hi-tech breakthrough, I’ve got a suggestion for a project that would make you very rich. Cam Newton is the latest celebrity who’d benefit from a Continue reading →Read More

I'm Airing A Grievance - Bob Ulm

I’ve made no secret about the fact that one of the reasons I’ve made radio a career instead of writing is that my spelling is, without question, some of the worst you’d see anywhere. The reasons are pretty simple! I Continue reading →Read More

Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It - Bob Ulm

I’m honored to be on a media panel of questioners for a Lima Chamber League Of Women Voters Lima Mayoral candidates forum this evening.   Whether you have a favorite candidate in that race, or even if you can’t cast a Continue reading →Read More

Tragedy Outweighs Political Views - Bob Ulm

I wish I could remember who it was who first told me that any time I thought about writing something or saying something, I should ask myself what was the worst thing that could happen if I wrote  that or said Continue reading →Read More

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