Beware Of The Blue Whale Challenge - Bob Ulm

In the several months I’ve been blogging, there has been no more disturbing information that I’ve found than what I’m about to tell you that I took from a post from the Ohio Department of education. It pertains to a social Continue reading →Read More

Not All Russians Are Bad - Bob Ulm

Right or wrong the Russians are getting blamed for a lot of bad stuff these days. But they’ve given the music world a pretty fantastic group you can check out on YouTube. Called “Leonid & Friends”, the group does covers Continue reading →Read More

The Ever Expanding Me - Bob Ulm

I’ve never been that guy who worries about a few extra pounds. Like many of us, I’m sure I’ve found the numbers on the scale at my semi-annual check ups have been getting a little larger each time. But this morning’s Continue reading →Read More

Putting The Fun In Fundraiser - Bob Ulm

It’s amazing what the impact of a new idea can have on a community. What started out as a Delphos Canal Days committee fundraising project, has generated more local discussion and more social media buzz than I’ve seen in years. Continue reading →Read More

Harvey Havoc

The devastation and destruction that Harvey has brought to Texas and Louisiana over the past 5 days is nearly impossible to fathom. Most of us have dealt with, at one time or more, a flooded basement or property damage from a storm. But the impact this Continue reading →Read More

Gone With The Times - Bob Ulm

News this morning that the historic Orpheum Theatre in Memphis has decided to stop showing the 1939 movie “Gone With The Wind” after 30 years because of social media complaints that the movie contained racially insensitive material is the latest chapter in the battle Continue reading →Read More

Football Is A Game Of Inches, But What About Subway? - Bob Ulm

I couldn’t help but wonder, as I read the news item below this morning, what type of person it would be who’d have a yard-stick at the ready while eating lunch. “(Chicago, IL)  —  A federal judge is tossing a lawsuit Continue reading →Read More

Did I Hear What I Heard Correctly? - Bob Ulm

Over the years, the networks have made an art of finding the most illiterate & inarticulate people around to comment anytime there’s any kind of disaster. This same skill carried over on Monday during Fox radio network coverage of the Solar Continue reading →Read More

A Busy But Great Weekend - Bob Ulm

Some weekends are made for R&R, but this  past one wasn’t one of them. Mine started off Friday evening with a broadcast from the Allen County Fair.   Getting to talk with and interview young people involved in the fair along with the adults Continue reading →Read More

Preserving History - Bob Ulm

From time to time I encounter people who are extremely passionate about the causes that lead to an interview. One such person is John Walker from the American Huey 369 organization. This Indiana based group has purchased and refurbished 3 Continue reading →Read More

I Have A Suggestion - Bob Ulm

I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of hearing about which professional athlete will or won’t stand for The National Anthem. Though I’d much rather if the men or women we pay to play kids games Continue reading →Read More

3 Days Of Peace & Music Revisited - Bob Ulm

As if I needed any help, learning that today is the 48th anniversary of the start of what became known as the Woodstock Arts And Music Festival has me feeling a little more like a senior than I’d like. I remember as Continue reading →Read More

The Importance Of Getting It Right - Bob Ulm

When an incident like the attack Saturday on anti-white nationalist demonstrators happens, we want information and we want answers right away. In the haste to break news information in seconds on their networks and social media platforms, they’re sometimes incorrect. When Continue reading →Read More

"Shy Double A" Needs More Attention - Bob Ulm

The fact that nearly 600 people turned out for a meeting on help available to people of all ages facing depression and anxiety held at the Jefferson Middle School in Delphos last night is very  encouraging for those of us who have wondered Continue reading →Read More

The App That Really Excites me - Bob Ulm

I was as excited as I can possibly get about technology earlier today when I read the tech bulletin below.    I’m passing it along so you might get a feel for what technology is doing for those of us who don’t have Continue reading →Read More

The 38 Years Between Solar Eclipses - Bob Ulm

With the solar eclipse on the horizon on august 21st, I won’t be the first to burn up some bytes writing about how much things have changed since the last one. I’m sure I won’t be the last. The list of Continue reading →Read More

Printed Resources Are Like Dinosaurs - Bob Ulm

I was enjoying a cup of coffee with my wife and mother-in-law after church yesterday morning at my mother-in-law’s house when my hand brushed past a book shelf filled with a vestige, or relic, of yesterday.   There gathering dust, as I’m sure many Continue reading →Read More

How Do You Spend Your Time At Work? - Bob Ulm

A new report from Instagram owner Facebook proves if we had any doubt that people who sign up for the service absolutely love it. American users under the age of 25 spend an average 32 minutes a day on Instagram. Continue reading →Read More

Hot Fun In The Summertime - Bob Ulm

I’m looking forward to a Fun 107.1 “Hot Fun In The Summertime” remote broadcast this Saturday morning from the Tom Ahl dealerships in Lima.   We’ll be there between 9:30and 11:30 a.m. to help to promote the 2nd annual “Heartbeat of Lima Car Show”. They’ll be Continue reading →Read More

Trump Staffers Are Dropping Like Flies - Bob Ulm

Congratulations to Anthony Scaramucci! The now former White House Communications Director may have just set a record for holding  the  shortest federal government appointment ever. Newly appointed White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly made firing Scaramucci his first order of Continue reading →Read More

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