Graduation is here - Bob Ulm

In communities across our area dozens of young men and   women have joined the ranks of high school graduates in the past week while the rest of the members of the class of 2,019 are preparing to do so prior Continue reading →Read More

Birth Rates Declining - Bob Ulm

New stats released by our government yesterday are   at least mildly disturbing for those of us who wonder how retirement benefits we’ve expected after our working years are through will be paid for.  The U.S. birth rate last year fell Continue reading →Read More

Beer Intern - Bob Ulm

Do you know of a young person who’s energetic, social media savvy and out going? He or she may be just what the beer company Natural Light is looking for.   The company is accepting applications from those at least Continue reading →Read More

Fickle Ohio Weather - Bob Ulm

I’m not sure whether I heard more motorcycles or lawn mowers yesterday as we finally got to enjoy a nice dry day with temperatures that didn’t require a sweat shirt.   Hard to tell just how much yard work got Continue reading →Read More

13 Reasons Why - Bob Ulm

The older I get I find the number of things that I just don’t understand gets larger and larger. Thus it is when it comes to the Netflix program “13 Reasons Why”.   A number of conservative groups have been Continue reading →Read More

Generations Unite for Avengers - Bob Ulm

Growing up as a kid I can’t remember ever thinking the entertainment my parents enjoyed was cool. I wouldn’t have been caught dead at a Lawrence Walk or Frank Sinatra concert. That’s why the inter-generational success of the latest installment Continue reading →Read More

Kiwanis Chicken BBQ This Sunday - Bob Ulm

There are certain smells that seem to be part of life in Delphos every year. During lent, you can smell frying fish nearly everywhere you go and on the final Sunday in April it’s the sweet smell of barbecue chicken Continue reading →Read More

Salute to EMS Personnel - Bob Ulm

There are some very special people who are willing to drop what they’re doing and give up precious sleep at a moments notice that we live and work with each day. These are the men and women who serve us Continue reading →Read More

Coke Coffee - Bob Ulm

Some of the oldest debates around the water cooler have  centered on the question whether it’s coffee or a caffeinated soft drink that’s a more tasty option for jump starting our metabolism each morning. One of America’s oldest companies is Continue reading →Read More

Easter Sales - Bob Ulm

As Easter approaches I’ve been amused by the number of corporations who’s ads promoting sales tied to it, fail to mention Easter at all. Several I’ve heard talk about helping the bunny, or purchasing candy or treats to have the Continue reading →Read More

Slavery Outlawed in DC This Date in 1862 - Bob Ulm

 An item in the “today in history” piece I read this morning caught my attention for a couple of reasons. It reported that on this date in 1,862 then president Abraham Lincoln signed a bill passed by Congress in to Continue reading →Read More

Golf on the Radio Was a Hit Yesterday - Bob Ulm

As we get older it seems it’s easier to used preconceived opinions or notions to guide our thinking. I know I’ve done that with things like sushi, most rap stars and most network programming and almost was nearly guilty of Continue reading →Read More

Major League Baseball Teams are A Gold Mine - Bob Ulm

Your parents probably gave you their share of advice when you were growing up. They told you to brush your teeth, do your homework and save your pennies. Perhaps they should have told you to invest in a Major League Continue reading →Read More

Facebook Changes - Bob Ulm

In an announcement that it seems to me is long overdue, Facebook says it’s going to use artificial intelligence to determine which former users are no longer with us, and to stop sending out suggestions to send birthday greetings to Continue reading →Read More

TP Forever Roll - Bob Ulm

If you live in a home with youngsters who seem unable or unwilling to take action when the toilet-paper has run out as we did, news from  an Ohio company known for some real cute commercials detailed in a story Continue reading →Read More

Fake News - Bob Ulm

I’m sure some computer was to blame but a little human error was likely as responsible for a bit of fake news that showed up in the National Weather Service’s early morning Weather Forecast that Rick Burgei and I read Continue reading →Read More

Telemarketers - Bob Ulm

If someone has an idea how to get rid of a pesky telemarketing company I’d love to hear it. Somehow it appears someone who’s first name is Odell apparently mistakenly entered my cell number in a contact form for life Continue reading →Read More

Incredible Discoveries - Bob Ulm

On a recent weekend get away with our daughter and son and law, and their 2 kids, our 2 and 5 year old grand-sons made a startling discovery. There it was, right across from the microwave and TV in their Continue reading →Read More

How Did I Just Hear of Chuck Harmon? - Bob Ulm

I’ve written before, probably several times, that one of the things I like best about my job involves new things I learn every day.   This morning, for the first time, I read about 1 of 2 players who broke Continue reading →Read More

Cuyahoga Not Burning Any More - Bob Ulm

There won’t be a public celebration I’m sure, but there are people in northeastern Ohio who no doubt are feeling a sense of satisfaction today.  For the first time in nearly 5 decades the U. S. EPA has determined that Continue reading →Read More

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