FEAR and Christmas shopping

If the pandemic has proved one thing it is that Americans who are frightened will take steps and do things they otherwise wouldn’t consider  doing.I doubt that I am alone when I say that I am just a little cynical Continue reading →Read More


The way members of congress deal with their required task of governing us might be considered laughable if there were anything at all amusing about spending money Uncle Sam really doesn’t have to spend. As we knew they would, the house Continue reading →Read More

Heart Beat of Lima

One of the best things about what we loosely describe as the work we do  here on the radio, is the chance we get to use our voices to support charitable organizations. That’s what I’ll get to do this evening, serving Continue reading →Read More

Christmas presents, maybe not

It seems I spend a lot of time each week talking with people, and these days it’s hard to tell if the people I’m talking with are more concerned about the lack of availability of products they’re looking for in Continue reading →Read More

Cancelled flights.....

Southwest Airlines President Gary Kelly on Monday described the circumstances that lead to the cancelation of hundreds of his company’s scheduled flights over the weekend and yesterday as resulting from a “perfect storm”. But I’m pretty sure the thousands of wood-be Continue reading →Read More


I must not be ready to hang it up because it’s nice to be back in the studio this morning after a week away. I’ll admit it was pretty cool to silence my alarm clock during the break but I wasn’t Continue reading →Read More

Progress In Downtown Delphos

Sometimes progress is visible when  new things happen  or new buildings are constructed, but in the case of improving the appearance of down town Delphos I think progress is indicated by what’s coming down.  A demolition company’s crew has started Continue reading →Read More

Parents and decisions.......

The report of an almost even split among parents when asked whether they will get their youngsters vaccinated against the coronavirus when vaccines become widely available isn’t particularly surprising to me. But what is interesting is that 14 percent of the Continue reading →Read More

Who is really to blame?????????

Some will blame the isolation and mental health issues that resulted from  the Coronavirus pandemic. Others will blame the efforts underway in many communities to undermine the work that the men and women involved in law enforcement do. But, for whatever Continue reading →Read More

How is your HOUSEHOLD being run............

We might wish we could run our households the way Congress runs the federal government but we can’t.  Members of the U.S. house and senate are involved in the squabble that occurs a couple of times each year over legislation Continue reading →Read More

GOODBYE Indians...HELLO Guardians.. Sad, Sad day.

History will be made in Cleveland this afternoon when the Cleveland Indians play their last home game ever as The Cleveland Indians. In a much publicized and widely criticized move announced this summer, the teams’ ownership announced they would change the Continue reading →Read More

Your BUCKET LIST...DO IT......

Most of us have bucket-lists: things we’d like to do or places we’d like to go during our lifetimes. Sadly for many, life ends before that bucket list gets empty. That will not be the case for a World War II Continue reading →Read More

Booster Booster and more Booster

Word that  the regulators with the Food And Drug Administration had given what was called Narrow Emergency Authorization for administration of a covid19 booster shot developed by Pfizer announced yesterday is sure to spark a new round of conversations and Continue reading →Read More

Spending like a DRUNKIN SAILOR....

 The term “spending like a drunken sailor” dates back a couple of centuries. It refers to the fact that some sailors on shore leave would often spend all of their monthly pay in one night without concern for what they Continue reading →Read More


A Harvest Moon I’m told was vividly visible last night and early today provides  a sign of a change of seasons that many people I know are looking forward to. It’s been much warmer than normal  of late but that is Continue reading →Read More

Their HARD WORK paid off......................

They won’t have time to do it because they’ll be busy working in their businesses, at their service jobs or with their families but the dozens of volunteers to worked to make the Delphos Canal Days celebration a huge success Continue reading →Read More

Helping others...................

You might wish that the issue of what should be done to assist refugees who’ve fled Afghanistan would be the responsibility of someone else in some other state, but it will not be.  The first of what is expected to Continue reading →Read More

Krendl stops by PBR in the Morning

Delphos very own Krendl has traveled the world as a top notch illusionist!  He will be performing all weekend at Canal Days!  Krendl stopped by our studios on Tuesday.  Here is the interview: Continue reading →Read More

Lisa Byington making HISTORY........

As a society we far too often give too much air time social media and print space to coverage of  people for all of the wrong reasons. But, for young girls and ladies who aspire to work in the sports  profession, Continue reading →Read More

NO WATER get CREATIVE...................

Every once in awhile something happens that reminds us that we often take too many  things completely  for granted. If you live inside the city of Delphos we learned yesterday just how important water is to us when we lost water Continue reading →Read More

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