Covid19 vs Thanksgiving... The BIG SHOW

Thanksgiving day will look and feel different than ever before on Thursday.  The large family get-togethers many of us have associated with the holiday have been suspended by many folks who are heeding advice from regulators to do what they Continue reading →Read More

11,889 cases in a 24 hour period............

As the pandemic drags on and Coronavirus cases continue to climb, it seems all or most of us are doing what we can to try to slow the spread, so far without any success that you can point to. All or Continue reading →Read More


At a time when we could really use it, some young athletes gave us something to smile about over the weekend, bringing 3 of the 6 state football championship tropies handed out during the 2,020 Ohio High School Athletic association  Continue reading →Read More

High School Championships

I’d like to use my blog space today to send out commendations to the Ohio High School Athletic Association, to the coaches players and fans who will be involved in this weekends Ohio high school football state championship games.  6 divisional  Continue reading →Read More

State wide CURFEW starting TODAY

We are just hours away from the imposition of what  as far as I know will be  the first ever state wide curfew in Ohio.  With a few exceptions, Ohioans are being told we should stay in our homes each night Continue reading →Read More

RESTAURANTS are OPEN for Business!! SUPPORT those who are doing it RIGHT.....

Owners of restaurants, fitness centers and other businesses determined to be non-essential during a state wide shut down early in the pandemic this past spring, are breathing a little easier, at least for now. The latest Coronavirus Pandemic order issued by Continue reading →Read More

Fighting the Mandates...............

We may disagree on how effective we think steps we’ve been mandated or have been  requested to take will be  to try to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, but I suspect most would agree that it is in our Continue reading →Read More

The NEW OHIO orders..........

Is a new round of business closings and curtailments ahead for us in Ohio? A lot of people seem to think so.  Governor Mike DeWine said last week that he would evaluate statistics concerning the spread of the Coronavirus this Wednesday Continue reading →Read More

After this , Small Businesses may be LOST, only YOU can save them

Results of a newly released survey provide some positive news for small business owners who have taken it on the chin in a number of ways because of the Coronavirus pandemic. 76 percent of the respondents to a survey conducted by Continue reading →Read More

Bars, Restaurants, Weddings ,Fitness Centers, BUT Contact sports is OK??????????????

As the number of Coronavirus cases  continues to skyrocket in our area, it’s become clear I think to even the most skeptical among us that the virus is a real health problem that’s affecting families and people we know in Continue reading →Read More

5:30pm TODAY DO NOT MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ll probably hear a lot of conversation about it, and may read a lot of social media posts about it today too. It is the address Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will make this evening at 5:30, to be televised across Continue reading →Read More

90% you won't grow a tail.................

At least for a few hours yesterday the conversations in the area seemed to shift away from who someone knew who’d come  down with Coronavirus, to discussions of whether they’d be willing to be among the first to take a Continue reading →Read More

Did he REALLY mishandle the Pandemic????????????????

In these days after the 2020 presidential election a lot of people who had a stake in the arduous proceeding we’ve just lived through will be spending a lot of time trying to figure out how, by most indications, Joe Continue reading →Read More


With all of the negativity that seems to surround us  this year, I have a challenge for you. Try to find something to be positive about today. If you need help, I may have something. Despite the negative economic impact the coronavirus has Continue reading →Read More

POLL's..... IGNORE THEM..................................

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned as we analyze things in the aftermath of the 2,020 Presidential election, it’s that election polling predictions aren’t worth the paper  they are printed on. There’s one poll that I read in the last Continue reading →Read More

How SERIOUS are YOU??????????

If you’re  like most people I suspect you’ll feel  no degree of sadness whatsoever that the 2,020 presidential campaign will finally end today. The contentious rhetoric that’s come from both major party candidate for the White House this year doesn’t seem Continue reading →Read More

IT's always the same NEWS on some stations.................

It may be perception: or it may be reality: but if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the run-up to this years Presidential election, it’s that there isn’t a single national news source we can depend on for coverage of Continue reading →Read More

Bev Jettinghoff REMEMBERED.....

When Bev Jettinghoff passed away at the age of 62 on June 20th of last year, we lost a committed volunteer for the Up To The Challenge special needs program in our community, and a woman everyone knew as an animal Continue reading →Read More

Human Trafficking...............

It didn’t receive as much publicity as it might have if a presidential election weren’t a week away, and if we weren’t in the midst of the worst virus pandemic in a century, but the work of  the Ohio Attorney Continue reading →Read More

WORKING PEOPLE like us..............

There is no way to know who will be elected President in 2,020, but if Joe Biden loses to President Trump it might just be because of a campaign miscalculation of American economics today.  During his campaign appearances the Democratic Continue reading →Read More

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