Rick Miller Retirement

Congratulations to Rick Miller, retiring from broadcasting after 42 years.  Thanks for all you have done for the community.  You will be missed! Here is the show in its entirety from February 19, 2021, as we saluted Mr. Miller:   Continue reading →Read More

Hurry up and RUSH..........

The 20 million fans who tuned in to hear Rush Limbaugh every day hailed him as a patriot, a champion of conservative values and for giving them a powerful voice in politics. His many detractors often blamed him for increasing  division Continue reading →Read More


It’s just a guess, but I’m thinking that outspoken proponents of The Green New Deal, and the theory that our earth’s temperatures are rising out of control aren’t  likely to be making any public appearances soon in Texas. 3.2 of the Continue reading →Read More

SALUTE to those who shovel snow

On PBR IN The Morning, this morning, with your help, we’re saluting the people who are or will be working to help us cope with the first of 2 winter snow-makers we expect in our area this week. These are the Continue reading →Read More

Should our National Anthem stop being played??????????

I’ve waited well over a day to write a blog about the decision by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to stop playing the National Anthem at the start of his National Basketball Association team’s games waiting to see if the Continue reading →Read More

Humor and the rear view mirror

With out any notice it appears to me that an entertainment art form many of us have enjoyed in the past is fast disappearing. That’s political satire that’s actually funny.  I may be wrong but the comedians I’ve heard of late Continue reading →Read More

Be CAREFUL what you wish for it could cost you your life............

A sad story that comes to us from the Detroit Zoo proves that we humans don’t know nearly enough about wild animals, even when we think we have their best interests at heart.  A female Polar Bear named Anana who Continue reading →Read More

COVID19 is disappearing...isn't it?????????

It’s hard to read braille with your fingers crossed,  but I find myself trying to do that these days as I read daily data updates showing the number of new confirmed and probable Coronavirus cases continuing to decline in our Continue reading →Read More

WILL Tampa change their name to TOMPA BAY after last night's win???????????

We may want to add the name of Tampa Florida Mayor Jane Castor to what would be a long list of politicians who’ve spoken out about an idea that sounded like a great one, that at second glance may turn Continue reading →Read More

Dr. Amy Acton as our Senator..Hold on to your wallets......

She says she’s considering it, and I think there’s a very good chance that she will do it. She is former Ohio Health Department Director Doctor Amy Acton, and it is a run for the U.S. Senate seat from  Ohio that Continue reading →Read More

Are School's working at snails pace??????????

Slowly, at a snails pace in some cases, officials in school systems in our state’s major cities have been announcing plans to return to at least part-time in-person classroom learning over the next month. Thousands of teachers across the state are Continue reading →Read More

It's TIME for a VACATION.......................

Perhaps because Coronavirus case numbers are slowly declining, or maybe because we’re just getting tired of being in our homes, you’re starting to hear talk about something you heard very little about since last March. That’s Vacationing! Offers I’ve heard of in Continue reading →Read More


 If we are paying attention we will all get a civic lessons in how the process of law making works in Ohio in the coming weeks. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will be looking for Ohio House and Senate approval for a Continue reading →Read More


Unless  you watched the Weather Channel sometime over the weekend, you probably didn’t know that the winter storm that dropped snow on our area  had a name. It was called “winter storm Orlena” and if you did watch the Weather Channel Continue reading →Read More

The STROKE OF A PEN is being MISUSED.............

Like it or not we are living in a world of executive orders these days. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and other state executives around the country have used executive orders to mandate rules and regulations that have governed our lives personal Continue reading →Read More

Autistic Children are a BLESSING and a GIFT from God.

In my more than 40 years of doing news there have been far too many stories that I have had to report about missing autistic children. Far to many of those stories have had a  tragic ending. That’s why an effort that Continue reading →Read More

There IS LIGHT at the end of tunnel...MAYBE.. It's up to us..

Those of us who are dreaming  of a life that returns to anything  like normal as we deal with a 10-month old pandemic can take some encouragement in word that came from Columbus yesterday that if a current decline in Continue reading →Read More

GROW UP elected officials.. work on what Americans want and need...

The stage is now set for the U.S. Senate to divert attention away from stalled efforts to provide Americans with additional pandemic relief.  An article of impeachment against former president Donald Trump that was approved by the democratically controlled house Continue reading →Read More

Wearing the mask wasn't a BAD idea after all. So STOP whining....

So much of the concern surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic is numbers related, With daily updates continuing on the number of new probable or confirmed cases of the virus, and the number of new fatalities  from Covid19, but there is another respiratory Continue reading →Read More

PEACE....PEACEFUL....and the BIG MEDIA wanted you to think different...

You have seen lots of reports  about this weeks presidential inauguration and lots of coverage of the massive law enforcement presence in our national capital, sparked by predictions that angry Trump supporters  were planning disturbances  in Washington and various state Continue reading →Read More

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