The RIGHT to EXPRESS yourself.. or NOT

At a time when we are encouraged to accept diversity: to live and let live:  the response from officials at the university of Albany in new York state to a student party and social media posts sounds eerily like a bid Continue reading →Read More

He may be unheard of....BUT............

The technology world is mourning the loss of a man who’s name you never heard before who made a mark on the computing industry patenting a function  many of us use multiple times every day. Larry Tesler was working at Xerox Continue reading →Read More

My BUCKET List and Medicare.......

Something I discovered searching through the “my documents” file on my home computer yesterday made me smile and just a tad sad too. For some reason, I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to do and accomplish back Continue reading →Read More

Real or NOT...GOOSE or DUCK....

The procrastinators among us may be able to learn a lesson from one of the hundreds of ducks who’ve found Delphos is a place with plenty of available food and drivers who will stop their cars so they can safely Continue reading →Read More

5 degree temps didn't slow down SUPPORTING OUR SCHOOLS

It was very cold in Delphos Saturday morning, but despite single digit temperatures some 65 children and adults were out and about early putting up signs in support of the Delphos School District’s one-half of one percent income tax issue on the Continue reading →Read More

NASCAR, MLB, SPRING is HERE!!! Or is it?

It may be cold today and will get colder tonight but signs that spring weather is not too far away will be as close as your television set this weekend. The annual Daytona 500 kicks off NASCAR’s 2020 season Sunday Continue reading →Read More

Delphos School's and your vote WILL count.........

With snow falling outside and a forecast indicating significantly more was to come, there would have been reason enough for people to stay home, but more than 150 Delphos school district residents did venture out to attend a public meeting Continue reading →Read More

HGTV and Delphos: WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure that everyone involved in the attempt to win the city of Delphos exposure on an H G T V series would admit their bid is a long shot, but I think everyone who has worked on a project that’s been Continue reading →Read More

Is face to face communication in the past???????

A Cleveland Clinic researcher is sounding an alarm about what her study has determined are too many toddlers spending too much time using tablets and smart phone devices. While many grand-parents and even some parents may find the devices too Continue reading →Read More

How much are you willing to PAY to be a BROWNS FAN?

What do you do if you own one of the worst teams in the National Football League: a team that’s kept fans suffering through dismal on-field performance and more personnel changes than you can keep track of for years? If Continue reading →Read More

Will the HOUSE start to act like ADULTS.............

 As someone old enough to remember well impeachment proceedings against former presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, the lack of any drama at all surrounding yesterday’s U. S. senate rejection of articles of impeachment against president Trump was more significant Continue reading →Read More

"JUST because computers can, doesn't mean they should."

One of the favorite sayings of a very good friend of mine is “just because computers can, doesn’t mean they should.” I suspect once they get all of the egg off their faces leaders of the Iowa Democratic Party just might agree. Continue reading →Read More

Rush Limbaugh announces he has CANCER.......

Word from conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh late in his daily program yesterday that he has been diagnosed with advanced-stage lung cancer came as a shock to millions of fans who’ve tuned in to his daily program over the Continue reading →Read More

Groundhog Day and our LOVE for any EVENT.......

Congratulations to the people in Pennsylvania who were able to get several hundred folks to gather in the darkness yesterday to see first hand the weather predictions   of a ground hog.  As you’ve probably heard by now, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow and that’s Continue reading →Read More

Super Bowl Spots=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

As many as 100 million Americans will spend time Sunday watching Super Bowl 54. Many will be interested in the outcome of the game between the San Francisco 49’ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Many however will be more interested in the commercials Continue reading →Read More

Puppy Bowl vs Super Bowl What's BIGGER??????

Am I wrong or does it seem that interest this year in what is the biggest sporting event in the world isn’t what has been in the past. Try as they may members of the national sports media don’t seem Continue reading →Read More

Coronavirus... BE CAREFUL

For most of the last 20 years of my life, I’ve associated the word “corona” with a beer that’s best enjoyed with a lime. But a virus borne in China that bears the Corona name is creating a lot of concern around the world Continue reading →Read More

LIVING a MUCH LONGER LIFE..................

Results of recent studies that reached my desk this morning confirm the idea that happiness is good for your health. Several new studies link an optimistic attitude with a lower risk for heart disease and greater longevity. Researchers at the Continue reading →Read More

Tragedies, Sports, Awards and yet what is really important!!!!

The world inside and outside sports continues to react to the California helicopter crash death on Sunday of retired NBA legend Kobe Bryant.The initial shock that always accompanies such tragedies will be replaced soon enough with lots of questions surrounding the crash Continue reading →Read More

SUPER BOWL, National Championship Games MOVE them to SATURDAY NIGHTS.. is a popular internet website where anyone can post virtually anything to try to get other social media users to join them in a cause of any kind.  For example, one petition i read about earlier this week demanded Continue reading →Read More

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