Census 2020........................

With the number of things we can do so limited in the Coronavirus world we’re living in, you may want to take some time this weekend, if you haven’t already done so, to fill out your 2020 census questionnaire.  The Continue reading →Read More


Like most people I suspect I was glad to hear Wednesday that commissioners of the Big Ten Conference had decided to reverse an earlier decision and would allow for the start of an abbreviated college football season in their conference  Continue reading →Read More

NO Canal Days and could 2021 be the same???????????

This is the eve of what should be the start of the annual Canal Days celebration in Delphos, but a toast to the city event tomorrow night and festival activities that would have taken place this Friday through Sunday like Continue reading →Read More


The Cporonavirus Pandemic has turned the world we live in upside down to be sure, but but some things haven’t changed from the pre-pandemic era. On the opening Sunday of the NFL season yesterday, but the Browns and the Bengals lost. The Continue reading →Read More


If you were alive, you remember where you were and what you were doing at 8:46 A.M. on the morning of September 11,  2001 when the worst terror attack on America in our nations’ history began to unfold before our Continue reading →Read More

NO Trick or Treat in 2020????????

There are some things you apparently don’t mess with even during the midst of a pandemic. One of them appears to be Halloween Trick-or-treating. At least that’s the case in Los Angeles. The city’s health department recently issued an edict banning trick-or-treating Continue reading →Read More

Fema Camps = POW camps.. Are they the same??????

He may have called it “ridiculous”  , but the fact that Ohio Governor Mike Dewine had to respond during a Columbus news conference to widely circulating social media rumors that the Ohio Department of Health was contemplating so-called “fema camps” Continue reading →Read More

Covid19 and Suicide..........

We’ve just made it through a Labor Day holiday weekend that was like none other we’ve ever seen, with the number of activities we could enjoy sharply curtailed because of Covid19 and all of the virus related mandates and regulations.  Continue reading →Read More

Is SUMMER DONE????????????

For many of us the Labor Day Holiday weekend has always been regarded as the traditional end to the Summer season. That goes back, I guess, to the time when school didn’t start until after Labor Day. I’ve always been a Continue reading →Read More

Nancy Pelosi ...DO AS I SAY.....

 The social media back lash that’s resulted  from  the posting of a video showing U.S. house speaker Nancy Pilosi in a San Francisco  beauty shop, with her face  mask pulled down , is to be expected but shouldn’t be surprising.  Continue reading →Read More

Willie Nelson ROCKS....................................

You may not be a fan of country music singer and songwriter Willie Nelson  the hard living life style he’s lived, His well documented love for Marijuana Or his past troubles with the Internal Revenue service, but when it comes to longevity Continue reading →Read More

Defund the Police.. Why not just ask rapist's, burglars into your home!!!!!

The question I would like to ask in my blog today is Why? Why would anyone want to be a police officer today? While most people I know are extremely supportive of the work the men and women who serve us as Continue reading →Read More

Undecided Voters and are you STILL undecided?

With both national presidential nominating conventions now in the books, the real campaigning for the white house will begin. It’s been known for months that Joe Biden would be the Democratic party nominee to challenge republican Donald Trump’s bid for a Continue reading →Read More

Meaningless NEWS.................

In the midst of the coronavirus Pandemic, it’s comforting in a way that at least 1 thing hasn’t changed. The news service we use and my email inbox continue to be filled each morning with some meaningless stories containing useless information. Take Continue reading →Read More

Outside dining in the Winter brrrrrrrr......

We have spent a lot of time  since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in March dealing with pandemic related mandates and wondering what will come next. Figuring out how to deal with  Changing rules regarding schools, county fairs, fall sports Continue reading →Read More

A new word to learn.. POD?

We’ve all had to learn to  live differently because of the Coronavirus pandemic and  we’ve also had to learn the meaning of a lot of new words and phrases, Social distancing, Mask Shaming and contact  tracing just to name a few. But Continue reading →Read More

Sept.21st is a BIG DAY for Seniors........

Word from  Ohio Governor Mike Dewine Thursday that Ohio’s Senior citizens centers will be able to reopen September 21st will come as welcome news to a segment of our population which has perhaps suffered the most from the impact of the Continue reading →Read More

DNC has THEE lowest ratings in years.

Television ratings for the opening nights of this weeks Democratic  National Convention have been some of the lowest in years. The people who make a living  covering and analyzing politics will be taking a long hard look trying to figure out Continue reading →Read More

TEACHERS are now on the FRONT LINES.......

Before my head hit the pillow last night I said a silent prayer for some  very special people, the teachers who’ve started to deal with return to school challenges or will do so over the next week.  At a time Continue reading →Read More

My VACATION and the changes........

As unusual as the Coronavirus has made this year of 2020 it should come as no surprise that my one-week vacation last week was different than many others in recent years.  There was no extended trip to any of the destinations Continue reading →Read More

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