Join Phil Austin and Jocko in the parking lot of Hofeller, Hiatt, and Clark as we officially launch the Summer of 2022 in Downtown Lima Friday June 10, 4-6pm! Join us for Kids Activities, Food Trucks from Rick’s Shack Outback, Continue reading →Read More


Join PBR (Phil, Bob, and Rick) at Fountain Square in Van Wert during the world famous Peony Festival Friday June 3, from 4pm-6pm. We’ll be there with some freebies and a great time to be had by all!  We can’t Continue reading →Read More

We'll Miss John Madden

A voice I associated with NFL football through out the 1980’s has been silenced. John Madden passed away unexpectedly yesterday morning at the age of 85. Madden was a successful NFL coached and had lead the Oakland Raiders to a Continue reading →Read More


If we were looking for a word that would best describe the year that will soon draw to a close, I think many of us would choose the word disappointing. A year that began with a promise from a president-elect Continue reading →Read More

Santa will come BUT he can't come inside this year, Don't be mad at him

A pandemic that shows no signs of easing may be dominating the lives of those of us who like to think of ourselves as adults, but as Christmas approaches this year, Santa Claus is alive and well, preparing to keep Continue reading →Read More

SURGE... ................

Statistics released by our government yesterday reveal the so-called experts who predicted we’d wee a big surge in new births because of the pandemic were as wrong as they could be. In fact, numbers released by the u.S. Census Bureau Tuesday Continue reading →Read More

Horse Play and Stupid Social Media......

An incident that started with what was described as childish horse-play in a Celina city school building last week points out I think what’s the worst thing about the social media world in which we live.  A teacher stopped a Continue reading →Read More

Let's DO THIS....................

If you’ve spent any time at all in a grocery store of late, and have noticed the impact that inflation is having on prices,  you probably can easily understand why the number of people facing food insecurity in our area  Continue reading →Read More

Urban Meyer......

There probably aren’t too many if any Ohio college football fans who are shedding tears over the firing Wednesday of Urban Meyer from his latest coaching job with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. The Toledo natives dismissal as head coach of the Continue reading →Read More

2 TRILLION DOLLARS and counting

      A majority of the men and women who represent us in Congress did last night as we knew they would.They voted to approve legislation increasing the federal government’s debt ceiling by more than 2 trillion dollars.  Supporters Continue reading →Read More

Safe...Are you REALLY?????????????????

Do you feel safer and more protected from the Coronavirus than you did a year ago? I’m asking because the very first doses of Coronavirus vaccines were administered in the United States a year ago yesterday. Those first shots came with a Continue reading →Read More

Caroling...a tradition that should come back

Yesterday was a very good day for me as my wife Kathy and me  and  about 20 other people went Christmas caroling ,   visiting homes of local shut-ins and residents of The Meadows in Delphos. We’ve done it  in December for Continue reading →Read More

Biden and late Night...........

Following in the footsteps of other presidents over the past couple of decades, President Joe Biden will try his hand at making a splash on late night television tonight. If you’re not all tired out from a hard week of work Continue reading →Read More

The 1970's and Knippen Chrysler dodge Jeep Ram in Delphos

An effort  we had the privilege to help to promote and to participate  in Wednesday is an example of one of the many reasons that I’ve resisted the temptation to try another profession or leave this market for a radio Continue reading →Read More

Rights..WHO has any......

Anyone who has any doubts about how political the Olympic Games have become is getting a lesson in the much publicized saber rattling that’s going on between our president and the leadership in China. President Biden has imposed a diplomatic boycott Continue reading →Read More

Praise the Prince................

There is no shortage of people these days who are willing to give the rest of us advice on how we should live or what we should do. Some comes from sources you might consider unlikely. A case in point? Praise Britain’s Prince Continue reading →Read More

Bob Dole...

As is always the case, condolences are pouring  in from former friends and political foes as well for Robert Dole, who passed away Sunday at the age of 98.  Whether you were a fan of his politics or positions or Continue reading →Read More


Despite the pandemic and the impact that inflation is having on all of us, the giving spirit is alive and well in our region again this holiday season. Charities far too numerous for me to mention are hard at work raising Continue reading →Read More


At a time when many Americans  are struggling to make ends meat as they face higher prices for everything they buy and everything they   want to do, owners of major league baseball teams and the union that represents the men Continue reading →Read More

Has anything CHANGED??????????

We’ve reached December 1st and it does seem to me that the year has flown by, very much unlike what we lived through last year. I’m not sure if that’s because many of us have tried as best we could to return Continue reading →Read More

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