Getting paid to watch Hallmark Christmas movies...........

If you enjoy spending time in front of the tube with a hankie close at hand, or you’d like to earn some cash to pay those holiday season credit card bills, you may want to head to Century Link’s website.  The Continue reading →Read More

Given the name Bob is COOL today...NOPE..NOT

I’ll admit I come from an old-school era in which we couldn’t tell for sure the sex of the children we were about to have and that may be why I’m a bit challenged by what seems to be the Continue reading →Read More

Gammy says I am cute when I hiccup there......

If your a parent or grand parent , it’s OK to admit that Hiccups are cute when babies have them.  That is of course when they don’t stop, or are followed by a burp which leads to having to change Continue reading →Read More

HEY Al Gore my driveway needs shoveled.........

Where is Al Gore when my drive-way needs shoveled out?  The unusually early November blast of Arctic air and snow makes many of us wondering  if we’re in for the kind of winter we remember as kids with snow that started  prior to Continue reading →Read More

Mr. Christmas and Alexa.........

The love many Americans have for the newest and latest gadgetry is being proven once again with word from the folks at Amazon that a new high-tech Alexa-enabled Christmas tree is temporarily out of stock. Called Mr. Christmas, the tree, Continue reading →Read More

Time to GROW UP..........

Growing up these days is tough! Especially if you’re a teen who’s been raised to believe that whether you win or lose you deserve a participation trophy, at a time when a running clock keeps your football team from getting Continue reading →Read More

So YOU don't think your vote counts........

Another general election is in the books. Despite an extremely low voter turn out recorded across the area, and a lack of contested races to decide, results of the election prove once again that every vote does count as a race Continue reading →Read More

Taking the Plunge..........Election Day

The annual fall exercise we call the November General election has arrived. Once again this year a small percentage of us will be deciding who should serve us in elective positions or what we’ll pay in taxes to support government Continue reading →Read More

Daylight Savings Time and Ohio

Another annual switch from Daylight Savings Time, to Standard Time is behind us. In theory we were supposed to get an additional hour of sleep overnight Saturday night that we’d lost this past spring when clocks were moved forward one Continue reading →Read More

Today The Nationals are World Series Champs, tomorrow they might fix Health Care?

I’m happy to report that there is one group which calls our nations capital home which has actually accomplished something.They are the players on the Washington Nationals Major League baseball team. Last night they won the 2019 World Series, defeating the Continue reading →Read More

OLD classic sports vs Hallmark Christmas Shows

The old joke used to be that a country song couldn’t be a hit if it didn’t include mention of a dog, or a truck, or a gun, or a divorce or two. I won’t deny that most of my Continue reading →Read More

GREAT COUNTRY Music and 98.5 The Legend

This past Saturday night while some of our much hardier friends were sitting through a driving wind and rain to watch high school football my bride and I spent 2 very enjoyable hours at Van Wert’s Niswonger Performing Arts Center, Continue reading →Read More

Vaccination's for Social Media STUPIDITY.........

There are vaccinations available to us to protect from everything from measles and the mumps to shingles and the flu. I think it might be time for some medical expert somewhere to come up with one to combat what seems Continue reading →Read More

It's CHRISTMAS time..........

Some of our nations biggest retailers may not like to use the word “Christmas, but they do love the revenue “Christmas” generates each year. So much so, that the biggest of them won’t even wait until Halloween this year to Continue reading →Read More

Being LAST is a LOT better than being First...

As Americans we are in love with the idea of being first. Many of us want to be first with the newest smart phone, have the newest clothing styles vehicles and house hold gadgets.  We’re apparently also excited to be the Continue reading →Read More

Deepfakes...VSUS...and more to drive you NUTS

One of the more persistent challenges in my job is to try to keep up with all of the new words and abbreviations that are becoming part of our English language. I learned for example last week that if you Continue reading →Read More

Marshall Dillon vs technology. Who wins....

I’m a fan of old westerns. Ever since I was a kid TV episodes of Gun Smoke, Death Valley Days and the like have always intrigued me. The idea that people from out east would brave extremely harsh weather conditions, perils Continue reading →Read More

The Koz and the IMPACT he has had throughout Ohio.....

Word that high school football teams from  as many as 70 schools will be wearing helmets supporting our friend and colleague Vince Koza when they take to the field this Friday night is just the latest sign of community support being shown for Continue reading →Read More

Cold HANDS..Warm Heart

I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. Try as I might to have avoided it, I had to bring out my winter gloves for my 1-mile walk to work this morning for the first time this fall.  Temperatures Continue reading →Read More

Tell them you LOVE them....NOW

Ok I’ll admit it!  As I’ve gotten older I’ve payed more attention than I once did do obituaries. I know I’m not alone because I’m told that most people who still get a newspaper each day do so to read Continue reading →Read More

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