TP Forever Roll - Bob Ulm

If you live in a home with youngsters who seem unable or unwilling to take action when the toilet-paper has run out as we did, news from  an Ohio company known for some real cute commercials detailed in a story Continue reading →Read More

Fake News - Bob Ulm

I’m sure some computer was to blame but a little human error was likely as responsible for a bit of fake news that showed up in the National Weather Service’s early morning Weather Forecast that Rick Burgei and I read Continue reading →Read More

Telemarketers - Bob Ulm

If someone has an idea how to get rid of a pesky telemarketing company I’d love to hear it. Somehow it appears someone who’s first name is Odell apparently mistakenly entered my cell number in a contact form for life Continue reading →Read More

Incredible Discoveries - Bob Ulm

On a recent weekend get away with our daughter and son and law, and their 2 kids, our 2 and 5 year old grand-sons made a startling discovery. There it was, right across from the microwave and TV in their Continue reading →Read More

How Did I Just Hear of Chuck Harmon? - Bob Ulm

I’ve written before, probably several times, that one of the things I like best about my job involves new things I learn every day.   This morning, for the first time, I read about 1 of 2 players who broke Continue reading →Read More

Cuyahoga Not Burning Any More - Bob Ulm

There won’t be a public celebration I’m sure, but there are people in northeastern Ohio who no doubt are feeling a sense of satisfaction today.  For the first time in nearly 5 decades the U. S. EPA has determined that Continue reading →Read More

Arise was a Fantastic Presentation - Bob Ulm

This past Saturday evening my bride and I had a chance to take in the annual production of “arise, presented at the Trinity Family Life Center in Delphos.   The presentation, concerning the life and death of Jesus, was put Continue reading →Read More

Congrats to Tournament Teams - Bob Ulm

There are a lot of reasons why those of us who call this area home and many of us choose to live in smaller communities but one of them is certainly high school sports.   We love supporting our school Continue reading →Read More

National Pi Day - Bob Ulm

It doesn’t happen very often so when it does I think it’s worthy of note. It, is National Pie Day, and that day is today March 14th as we learn in the story below from our news partners at Metro Continue reading →Read More

No Surprise Here - Bob Ulm

Does it really surprise anyone that some well known celebrities and coaches in high-profile university sports programs have conspired to get rich kids admitted to prestigious colleges and universities? Not this guy!   It’s my perception, right or wrong, that Continue reading →Read More

Lenten Drunkfest For One Man - Bob Ulm

Giving up things for lent is a tradition among some folks in the Christian world. Alcohol, candy swearing and cigarettes are a few of the things friends have told me they’re doing without during the Lenten season over the years. Continue reading →Read More

Salute To Tom Seaver - Bob Ulm

I never met Tom Seaver and only was a fan when I heard him help the Miracle Mets to win the 1969 world series, or hurl some outstanding performances during his days as a Cincinnati Reds stand out, but word Continue reading →Read More

Signs Of Spring - Bob Ulm

Call me the eternal optimist if you wish, but I’m finding little signs that this arctic blast will soon be a thing of the past and warmer temperatures will be ahead soon.  Ohio State’s football team starts “spring practice” today. Continue reading →Read More

Mark Cuban Possible Presidential Run - Bob Ulm

What is already a crowded looking field of candidates and potential candidates for the presidency next year, could get larger with word that the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks is contemplating a potential white house bid.   A story Continue reading →Read More

Living Paycheck to Paycheck - Bob Ulm

I don’t know about you but new statistics released from a survey by Career Builder showing that 78 percent of the Americans it surveyed recently report they are living from paycheck-to-paycheck and need their next check just to get by Continue reading →Read More

Mobil Devices Not Sanitary - Bob Ulm

Few of us can do without our smart phones. They keep us connected but apparently also have the potential for making us sick if you believe the information contained in a new British study detailed in the story below from Continue reading →Read More

Drive Time - Bob Ulm

We don’t have the nice winter weather that you’ll find in the south  and we don’t have some of the cultural and social opportunities you would fine in a major metropolitan area, but in general we’re a lot luckier than Continue reading →Read More

LeBron and Trump Have A Lot In Common - Bob Ulm

Comments this week from LeBron James that he planned to elevate his game to help his Los Angeles Lakers make the NBA post-season play offs have the national sports talking heads taking new shots at him for being unaware that Continue reading →Read More

Weather Reports Now Available From Mars - Bob Ulm

Weather forecasters here at home may sometimes have a tough time making accurate predictions for more than the day ahead, but we now can find out about weather conditions millions of miles away as a story from our news partners Continue reading →Read More

Bye Bye Montana - Bob Ulm

From time to time you hear at least passing reference to the skyrocketing national debt our country is facing. Usually, it’s in conjunction with an election campaign. At other times the fact that the debt far exceeds 20 trillion dollars Continue reading →Read More

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