Perhaps I should be more embarrassed than I am about something that happened during last night’s Delphos Board Of Education meeting, but I’m not. 2 teachers had just completed an excellent presentation on a new STEM class that’s being taught Continue reading →Read More


Results of a new nationwide poll out today provide proof of the impact inflation is having on the way we’re living. More than 70 percent of the 2,000 people who were surveyed by CBS say they will have to cut Continue reading →Read More

I do believe TRUMP said this............

When I read a story yesterday indicating General Motors and Ford were working on projects to design and manufacture their own computer chips instead of purchasing them from over seas suppliers they don’t control my first question was why has Continue reading →Read More


Whether it’s constitutional for the federal government to require many American workers to get vaccinated against Covid19 to keep their jobs is an issue that will likely be decided eventually by  the United States  Supreme court but it’s clear that Continue reading →Read More

If a Christmas tree is an important symbol in your family’s holiday celebrations, it may sadden you, but shouldn’t surprise you that there’s news today of a shortage of Christmas Trees in 2,021.The same supply chain issues that are being Continue reading →Read More

No Santa this year........

We are having to put up with shortages in supplies in    groceries, house hold products and many other things these days but there’s another shortage that comes at a particularly bad time as we approach the holiday season. That’s a shortage Continue reading →Read More

First snow

Something unusual happened in the area yesterday. Many drivers experienced there first slick roadways when light snow fell for a couple of hours, but there wasn’t the normal uptick in traffic crashes that usually accompanies the first round of slippery weather Continue reading →Read More

Having Thanksgiving..... better have DEEP POCKETS

We’ve been hearing a lot of late about how much more it will cost to feed the family a Thanksgiving meal this year.  We might complain about the rising costs for turkey and the trimmings for a holiday meal, but Continue reading →Read More

NO Text or calls from the Boss...YES oh YES

In this morning’s News You Don’t Need to know segment on PBR in the morning,  I recounted the story of a new law passed by the parliament in Portugal that makes it illegal for a boss to text a worker Continue reading →Read More

HELPING AMERICANS??? Rising gas and food prices. THANKS for NO HELP

One thing the people who represent us in Washington from both political parties seem to have in common is what they always say about their desire to help out low and middle income Americans.  But whether it’s the result of Continue reading →Read More

ELF ON THE SHELF must GO...........

A judge in Marietta Georgia either has a lot of time on his hands with little else to do, or he’s one of a growing number of jurists in our country who’d like to have a new amendment added to Continue reading →Read More

Being a HERO...................

The people we regard as real heroes come in all ages  and from  all occupations. Just ask the people who were worshipping yesterday at a church in Nashville, when a pastor stepped in to take action to thwart what might Continue reading →Read More

Choices with LOTS OF DELICOUS FOOD mmmmmmmmmmmm

I spent more time than I should have over the past day trying to think about how I would write a blog about The impact the newly announced 400-page Biden Administration vaccination mandate will  have on the American work force, the Continue reading →Read More

NO ONE in the BIG Seats................

A disturbing trend that we’ve been seeing for a number of years is continuing as documented  by the ballots many voters saw when they went to the polls in the November General Election. That’s the number of positions on government bodies Continue reading →Read More

DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING....did you.....

Our nations conservative radio talk show hosts will be having a field day today talking about what happened in the Commonwealth of Virginia yesterday. At the end of an election campaign that was centered on issues like a parents right Continue reading →Read More

Does your VOTE REALLY MATTER?????????

At a time when we’ve learned how quickly many things we’ve taken for granted can be taken away in the blink of an eye, you might expect that more folks than normal would take the time it takes to vote Continue reading →Read More


New York city is a great place to visit. A trip there several years ago makes the top ten list of all vacations we’ve ever taken. But, I’m sure glad I don’t live in New York City today. That’s because the folks who Continue reading →Read More

TRICK or TREAT...........

Tonight is trick or treat night in Delphos and if the national weather service has it right, it could be a lot like many of the trick or treat nights I remember as a kid, in that it will be Continue reading →Read More

Sitting around the house...........

Results of a newly released study may be disturbing but probably shouldn’t be surprising. Researchers based in Wisconsin have determined that the pandemic made Americans sicker, even if they didn’t get Covid19, because many haven’t  visited urgent care facilities when they Continue reading →Read More

COVID cases are declining for now....

We are no doubt all happy that the number of Coronavirus cases reported in Ohio and other states   is continuing a slow and steady decline that began a couple of weeks ago But I doubt any of our nations’ political or Continue reading →Read More

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