GREAT NEWS FOR ME...BUT we need better news for others.

PBR In The Morning is a 3-man show once again this morning and this third of what we hope is your favorite way to start your day couldn’t be any happier.  After a weeks vacation leading up to the holiday, Continue reading →Read More

Covering our faces........

As a new work day begins a lot of our friends and neighbors are preparing for another day in the work place with their faces covered because of Covid 19 pandemic related restrictions. Fortunately it’s not practical to wear a mask Continue reading →Read More

MAPS vs GPS... who still uses maps?

Yesterday as my bride and I were cleaning out the trunk on our car our 4 and 6 year old grand kids were surprised to see something they had never seen before. It was a map! A real map, all folded Continue reading →Read More

YOUTH Baseball is backkkkkkkkkkkk

Last night was a very nice night in our little town. Not just because the temperatures were cool and the rain stayed away, but because lots of folks had a chance to do something that it  seemed  we wouldn’t be Continue reading →Read More

Do we CHANGE the names of everything?????????

If you hadn’t seen the story first published in The Hill last Friday that the name Eskimo Pie would be removed from packaging for America’s first chocolate covered vanilla ice cream treat, you might think it was just an urban Continue reading →Read More

Changing Columbus, Ohio's Name to Flavortown?????????

At any other time in our history you might think  this was a tongue-in-cheek joke, but today I’m not sure. A petition drive that’s garnered more than 20,000 signatures demands the name of Ohio’s capital city be changed. The petition signers want Continue reading →Read More


There is nothing that should make you smile more on a Friday in June than the word that a new summer time day off may be in our future.  Texas Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is backing legislation in congress Continue reading →Read More

LET's give a BIG SHOUTOUT to.............

There are  a bunch of our neighbors and friends who deserve a shout out. They are the volunteers who are working hard trying to provide the rest of us with the summer time events and activities we’ve come to expect Continue reading →Read More

Defacing, changing everything, what is RIGHT and when is enough enough?

The trend we’ve been seeing of late of damaging, defacing or destroying statues and other historical artifacts that’s been occurring as an outgrowth of protests over the death in Minneapolis police  custody of George Floyd, now threatens a street in Continue reading →Read More

How many MLB games will be played? 85,50,25,10............

Sports starved fans who’ve been looking forward to a potential start of a 2020 Major League Baseball season aren’t finding much to be positive about these days.  Affluent major league baseball players and the richer owners of MLB teams have been Continue reading →Read More

Dr. Acton Steps down..Could there be repercussions?????

The decision by Ohio Health Department director Doctor Amy Acton to resign came as somewhat of a surprise but could have been expected.  Dr. Acton said she wanted to take some time off prior to assuming her new roll as Governor Continue reading →Read More

Don't look for GONE WITH THE WIND on HBO MAX..........

Perhaps because we are too busy working and living our lives, or  maybe it’s because of fear, but it seems most Americans  are unwilling to speak out loud about social issues facing our country. But what many seem to be willing Continue reading →Read More

With these orders are you going to Cedar Point or the HOSPITAL???????

We’ll be able to take the kids or grand kids to Ohio’s popular amusement parks starting next month if we want to,  but doing so will be a lot more complicated than just jumping in to the car to head Continue reading →Read More

NO POLICE???? NOW's your chance to share and SPEAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve witnessed local  state and federal governments do some things that have made me  scratch my head over the past more than 40 years, but none more than the decision by the city council in Minneapolis to completely disband that Continue reading →Read More

Our CRAZY KIDS.. BUT they learn from us.........

 In response to a story about possible covid 19 health consequences from being sprayed with tear gas I wrote in my blog last Friday  that I didn’t know anyone who’d ever been sprayed with the stuff. Well, it turns out that Continue reading →Read More

Tear Gas...Then DON'T do the crime.....

As I begin my blog today I have to say that I have never been sprayed with tear gas, and I may live in a bubble but I can’t think of anyone I know who’s ever been sprayed with it.But Continue reading →Read More

Mandates will cause: NO FUN, Thousands of $$$$ of lost money for charities etc......

The impact that Covid 19 related restrictions has had on Ohio’s businesses, industries and workers has been dramatic to be sure, but there’s another consequence that will be hard to calculate. That’s all of the community projects that won’t benefit from Continue reading →Read More

SCHOOL's BACK.....BUT NOT Restaurants,Bars,Fairs etc.........WE want NORMAL

It’s a pretty safe bet that most school officials, parents and teachers were happy to hear Tuesday that the state of Ohio plans to allow a return to class room instruction for  Ohio’s students when the new school year begins.  Continue reading →Read More

Thank GOD for Small Town USA.........

With the average national news cycle lasting 24 to 36 hours the way that Corona Virus coverage has dominated the national media landscape since mid March has been unprecedented. I had wondered over the past several weeks what story it would Continue reading →Read More

46 years at WDOH........

I spent a lot of time over the weekend trying to think of something positive I could write a blog about for this mornings’ PBR in the morning show. After a week of rioting in many major U.s. cities and with Continue reading →Read More

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