Hitting The Big One - Bob Ulm

You may love Donald Trump, or you may think he’s the anti-christ. Your blood may come out red or blue, but I think at long last I’ve come up with some thing that all Americans can agree on and take Continue reading →Read More

Global Warming May Get More Attention - Bob Ulm

Results of a new study published in a little known magazine may have beer drinkers shaking in their boots or tennis shoes. The journal “Nature Plants” predicts an upswing in beer prices because of global warming. The theory advanced by Continue reading →Read More

There's Hope For Me Yet - Bob Ulm

Over the weekend as I recuperated from a 3rd round of Chemotherapy pretty much sitting around the house and resting up for a new work week, I took the time to enjoy some of the Brewers versus Dodgers baseball game. Continue reading →Read More

It's Not Easy Being King - Bob Ulm

I’m not sure if LeBron James isn’t that bright, or if he shares with a man he detests in President Trump, the love for saying what he thinks whenever he feels like talking or hitting the keyboard. The acknowledged best Continue reading →Read More

This Story Is Just Nuts - Bob Ulm

I’d like to think of myself as a patient guy, and with varying degrees of success, I have become more so over the years. But, I have to admit, I would have lost my cool if I was impacted by Continue reading →Read More

Don't Miss Your Opportunity - Bob Ulm

For Cleveland Indians fans like me, another off-season of “what ifs” has begun with the tribe’s early exit from post-season play at the hands of the Houston Astros on Monday.   We’re used to the disappointment that comes with the end of Continue reading →Read More

Brown's Fans Need To Keep It Real - Bob Ulm

What a difference a win makes! Brown’s fans are celebrating their team’s first Sunday NFL win in 3 years…an overtime victory yesterday over their arch rival Baltimore Ravens. It probably should come as no surprise, but it did to me, that some Continue reading →Read More

The US Postal Service Is Alive & Well - Bob Ulm

It might be a surprise to some of you, but the “get well” card is alive and well. In fact, I’m guessing it might be the one staple of the U.S. mail service that’s still generating a lot of work Continue reading →Read More

Thankful For The Evil Empire - Bob Ulm

There are people who will complain that the big money New York Yankees have advanced to take on the Boston Red Sox in the American League Playoffs, but I am not one of them. Sure I feel like most baseball Continue reading →Read More

Stopping To Smell The Roses - Bob Ulm

When you get medical advice that when you’re tired you need to rest to allow Chemotherapy drugs to do their thing in your body, even if you’re a stubborn guy like me, you kind of have to pay attention. So Continue reading →Read More

Rest Means Watching Sports For Me - Bob Ulm

This past weekend was one filled with much more rest and inactivity than I am accustomed to, as I recovered from the 2nd of 6 scheduled rounds of chemotherapy on Friday. I’ve discovered that TV sporting events aren’t near as much Continue reading →Read More

People Supporting My Battle - Bob Ulm

It’s unfortunate that the pace at which we live doesn’t often give us the chance to let people know how important they are to us or how little things they do can make an impact on us. But my day Continue reading →Read More

When Danger Doesn't Mix With Pleasure - Bob Ulm

I am among those people who subscribe to the theory that government over-regulation is a major deterrent to business growth. I’m also the first to admit that there are times that we need to be regulated as a society, because Continue reading →Read More

When Common Sense Isn't Very Common - Bob Ulm

Some stories can upset you. Other stories can amaze you. And still others make us all wonder what he or she was thinking, and that’s the case with the news item I found this morning from our news partners at metro source Continue reading →Read More

A Glimmer Of Hope - Bob Ulm

If you’re a Browns fan, even a casual one like me, it’s easy to get pretty amped up about last night’s Browns win over the Jets.   Their come-from-behind victory, their first since December 24th 2016, gives the teams’ long-suffering faithful a Continue reading →Read More

Taking Advantage Of Bed Rest Restrictions- Bob Ulm

I’ve always been the kind of guy who tries to find the positives in most any situation. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but I’ve found that that’s a much more helpful approach than seeing negativity. I discovered over the weekend Continue reading →Read More

Canal Days Has Something For Everyone - Bob Ulm

One of the best weekends of the entire year in Delphos is right around the corner. Volunteers have been meeting since earlier this year planning what will be the annual Delphos Canal Days event. A 12th annual “Toast To The Continue reading →Read More

The Fight Of My Life Update - Bob Ulm

As preparations continue for what will be a rather long battle to deal with a bladder cancer diagnosis I received in Mid August, time has been at a considerable premium. For that reason, I haven’t had the opportunity to escape Continue reading →Read More

The Astronomical Costs Of Health Care - Bob Ulm

Results of a new survey about Americans reveals that if you are worried that unexpected medical costs may wipe out your savings, you are not alone. The Kaiser Family Foundation sampling says 67 percent of the Americans who were asked, Continue reading →Read More

The Doctor Report Nobody Wants To Hear -Bob Ulm

I’ve been writing these blogs for well over a year, and I’ve found that one of the most difficult challenges is writing something that’s personal. But it is something I need to do this time. Because I reacted much more Continue reading →Read More

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