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Jeff Makes America Fan's Day

When we found out our winner of America tickets Linda Korte of Delphos went to school with members of the band, we pulled some strings and arranged for her to meet with them before their show at the Civic Center Continue reading →Read More

We Have Your 8-Track Tape Collection!!

Tune in for the “8-Track Flashback Song Of The Day” weekday mornings @ 1030am on FUN 107.1!! Continue reading →Read More

Drone Delivery

I’ve been hearing more and more about the delivery capability of drones. A cool idea ,but I have some questions. How will it work in poor weather? What happens to my order if it hits a power line? My test Continue reading →Read More

Thank You Advertisers!

As the winter sports season winds downs. I  want to take this opportunity to say thank you, to the many businesses who advertise during our broadcasts of high school sports. Without you we would not be able to follow teams Continue reading →Read More

I'd Like To Buy A Vowel

I don’t watch a lot of  Wheel of Fortune anymore,but I caught an episode the other evening. And it got me to thinking. Would we watch if Pat and Vanna were not there? Would we except a different host? I Continue reading →Read More

A Pencil When You Need It

Has this been happening to you? You need to actually write something down,right now. And you don’t have your phone,or a pen. But you think to yourself there’s got to be a pencil around here somewhere. Guess what? No pencil Continue reading →Read More

Road to Columbus

The quest for a state title begins tonight for area girls basketball teams. After a year of summer camps,open gyms and practices, everyone will start anew at 0-0 for their records.Which individuals will have a game of their life? Which Continue reading →Read More

Spring Training

Spring training is underway! And for me it’s time to focus my sports energy to my team-the Cleveland Indians. Time to cheer them on to get back to the World Series. This time with a different outcome. I have not Continue reading →Read More

All Star Memories

Today, February 10th, is the 32nd anniversary of when my friends and I experienced our “15 minutes” of fame. More like :15 seconds. Our fame happened while attending the 1985 NBA All-Star game in Indianapolis. I had made a banner Continue reading →Read More


Why is that song stuck in my head? It’s called an EARWORM. Defined as a” catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a persons mind after it’s no longer playing.” You don’t suffer from those as much as others Continue reading →Read More

Super Pizza

During the Super Bowl , I started to think about the pizza ,among other things,consumed by Americans while watching the game. The numbers have been well documented. Pizza Hut ,Domino’s and Papa Johns account for 4.4.million pizzas on their own. Continue reading →Read More

The Big Game

The “Big Game”. That’s what we have to call it in the media world. Only a select few can actually use the “S” & “B” words. I do remember when then wasn’t the case and nobody lost or made any Continue reading →Read More

Where's The Snow?

Where’s the snow? I’m not complaining ,but here we are in February and this area has not received a significant snowfall. I don’t like driving or shoveling it anymore than you do. But I feel if we don’t get some Continue reading →Read More

Google Doodle

When looking for answers to questions or facts, you used to say “Look it up in the encyclopedia.” Now we say “Just Google it!” Well the next time you google it ,take the time to see what the “Google Doodle” Continue reading →Read More

Award Season

They say ,whoever they are,that it’s award season. I guess I will take there word for it ,since I see all the promos for all the big nights of awards which will soon be here. Good luck and congratulations! However Continue reading →Read More

Bye Brent

Broadcaster Brent Musburger announced that he will end his play by play duties January 31st. This saddens me because he still has the vision and the pipes to do a great job. My first memories of Brent are like most, Continue reading →Read More

Jenny , Jenny

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the song “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone entering the US Top 40 charts. Like millions of other people across the USA, I dialed that number to hear who would answer. I don’t remember who answered Continue reading →Read More

Music Television Before MTV

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of mini-documentaries about musicians. I like to know more about the bands and artists,including the songs  they wrote and why they wrote them. Plus , I’ve been able to view some legendary performers in Continue reading →Read More

Food Wraps ?

Did SNL predict the future? Taco Bell unveiled a new taco with a shell made of fried chicken. Can the “Taco Town” creation be far behind? Continue reading →Read More

Eat ,Drink , Splash

I have a shameless plug to let you know about. The Topp Chalet in Delphos are holding a “Splash Pad” fundraiser on Tuesday January 17th from 4pm-10pm. During that time a portion of the food sales will be donated to Continue reading →Read More

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