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Triskaidekaphobia is an extreme superstition regarding the number 13. If you have this, today may not be a fun day for you. Today is Friday the 13th. This will be one of 2 Fridays in 2017 that fall on a Continue reading →Read More

Tunnel Tree

Sad news out of California. The thunderstorms and heavy rain in Northern California over the weekend has caused one of the regions most famous sequoias to topple over.The famous Pioneer Cabin tree fell to the ground Sunday in Calaveras Big Continue reading →Read More

Think Warm,Think Concerts

If you want to feel a little warmer today. Start thinking about the summer concert season that will soon be here. Some big name acts have already announced that they will be in our area. One of the acts is Continue reading →Read More

Blockbuster 2016

Did you go to see a movie last year? If you did you weren’t alone. The box office set a record in 2016 with $11.4 billion dollars in sales in North America. I know I watched a few at different Continue reading →Read More

The Ball Drop

The days of 2016 are dwindling down. And for many , anticipation for the “ball drop” in Times Square is growing. As a youngster I couldn’t wait to be able to stay up until midnight and spend time at my Continue reading →Read More

My Favorite Christmas Character

I may not be alone in this. But my favorite Christmas character is “Charlie In The Box” from Rudolph. Even as a youngster I thought his voice was cool. And he looked both cute and creepy at the same time. Continue reading →Read More

Hide & Seek Christmas

My Hide & Seek board game that I received as a child for a Christmas gift (thanks to my sister Diane for saving it) is one that is now giving back. I’m now able to have fun playing this with Continue reading →Read More

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