The first of what will be many virtual graduation ceremonies for area high school seniors who’ve been denied in-person commencement  exercises this spring because of state imposed Covid 19 related restrictions will be posted on social media this weekend.  Many Continue reading →Read More

Going to a PUBLIC POOL isn't your choice ... Are you OK with that?

If it seems to you that living in Ohio these days feels a lot like you did as a teenager when you waited to see if you’d be permitted to use the family car the next Friday night, you are Continue reading →Read More

Are you a karen???????

On our PBR in the morning show we take our obligation to entertain you and give you something to smile about during these crazy days we’re living in very seriously, but there’s also an information component of what we try Continue reading →Read More

Restaurants face an even WORSE scenerio.....

While many of us wait for the day when inside restaurant dining and bar visits are added to the list of things we are permitted to do by the state, it’s clear that some restaurants won’t be opening their facilities Continue reading →Read More

Eating wrong not getting the right exercise during Covid19...

We’ve been told for years that our kids are spending too much time on the couch and that they’re risking obesity, diabetes and other health issues later in life because they aren’t getting enough exercise. That’s why it seems kind of Continue reading →Read More

She is your EVERYTHING.....MOM

She tried to get you to try things like spinach, peas and squash: She tried to convince you that working hard in school would pay off: Sometimes she’d back your father when you were given a punishment, but sometimes you could get Continue reading →Read More

Being stuck between a ROCK AND A HARD PLACE

School administrators in our area who would like to be preparing for ceremonies honoring graduating seniors are finding themselves these days stuck right between a rock and a hard place.  I’ve spoken with a number of them in recent days Continue reading →Read More

WE ORDER you to not have FUN and we are cutting your funding......

You’ve been hearing since you were a child that decisions have consequences, and there’s no better proof of that than the announcement from Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine Tuesday that  state funding for public schools, higher education institutions and Medicaid recipients Continue reading →Read More

Cinco De Mayo and

Today is Cinco De Mayo day. It’s a holiday that’s celebrated most in Mexico and commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the forces of Napoleon III, in Puebla Mexico on may 5, 1862. The French had invaded Mexico hoping to Continue reading →Read More

DING DING DING Class has begun.........

High school aged students in the area who are spending this Corona Virus Pandemic spring With out high school sports , proms and graduation ceremonies Are getting a valuable civics lesson that reinforces something they have probably heard from their teachers and Continue reading →Read More

What makes us HAPPY: THE SUN

Predictions that at least somewhat warmer weather is headed our way during the upcoming weekend come as welcome news for those looking for any chance to do anything But work from  home, help with school work or scour   the internet for Continue reading →Read More

Imagine Life without Small Business. It COULD happen.

New polls released this week indicate a majority of Americans still favor the Covid19 restrictions in place since March in hopes of controlling the spread of the Corona Virus , but Governors like Ohio’s Mike DeWine are finding  themselves facing Continue reading →Read More

CONGRAT's to you the VOTER...............

It’s really nice to be able to write a blog today about something other than the Corona Virus Pandemic. The pandemic has dominated our lives and much of our thoughts for more than a month and it has changed the way Continue reading →Read More

When is enough.. ENOUGH....

A poll taken prior to Governor Mike DeWine’s Monday orders concerning a partial resumption of business activities in our state, showed a majority of Ohioans supported the actions taken by his administration to try to control the spread of the Continue reading →Read More

TODAY April 27th. at 2pm WILL be BIG for OHIO

Even Ohioans who’ve stopped watching or listening to the daily press briefings that state officials have been holding since the onset of the Corona Virus pandemic will likely be paying close attention to information that’s expected to come from the Continue reading →Read More

How BIG is sports? Last night will tell us............

There Were a lot of eyes on last nights television coverage  of the 2020 NFL draft, and they weren’t just the eyes of new content-starved sports fans. The people in charge of Professional football and Major League baseball will have a Continue reading →Read More

Can the NFL pull it off????????

Tonight is the night for the annual NFL draft but like most everything else in our lives it will be different than ever before. There won’t be a packed room full of sports fans and reporters waiting to see which of Continue reading →Read More

PBR in the Morning on FUN 107.1 is HERE for YOU.......

As Corona Virus related restrictions drag on you can now add all school sponsored spring sports to a long list of activities we’ll be living with out that already includes proms, school plays dance recitals and much more. Even though Continue reading →Read More

Lent...The Bible and Covid19

Social media is well-populated these days with comparisons between the length of corona virus   related restrictions we’re living under and the 40 days of the Lenten season. Some even include biblical references to other times in history that were difficult Continue reading →Read More

Are YOU ready to move on and go back to normal???????

As the people who own or work for the hundreds of small businesses in Ohio determined to be non-essential in Covid 19 related closing orders issued last month await details on how and if they will be able to start Continue reading →Read More

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