Cross our borders... You will get FREE........

Whether you regard the dramatic increase in the influx of immigrants coming across our country’s southern border that’s become a reality since late January as a crisis or a surge may well depend on which way you lean  politically  ,  Continue reading →Read More

The Grammy's..Golden Globes ended up a BUST......

Did you watch the Grammy Awards telecast Sunday night? If you did, you were among fewer than 9 million people in a country of 333 million who took the time to watch the show. CBS says ratings for the Grammy’s fell 53 Continue reading →Read More

Got my 2nd. SHOT and my symptoms were........

I’m happy to report that the second Coronavirus vaccine shot I got over the weekend was pretty much like the first one, pretty much a non event.  My arm was a little sore yesterday but other than that I didn’t Continue reading →Read More

ENJOYING 2021..................

There was a decidedly optimistic tone to Thursdays news conference with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine that’s been missing from  many of the more than 100 which preceded  it since the start of the pandemic.  News that nursing home and assisted Continue reading →Read More

The cost per covid19 shot......

As increasing numbers of us roll up our sleeves to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus, some may have wondered what the vaccines are costing the federal government which is picking up the tab as part of President Trump’s 2,020 Operation Continue reading →Read More

Vaccinate or NOT to Vaccinate...That is THEE question...

I’m happy to report that many of the conversations I have heard of late have shifted from  the impact of the Coronavirus to vaccinations to prevent the spread of the virus. Whether someone has gotten 1 or 2 vaccination shots,  whether Continue reading →Read More

COVID19 our 1st. Anniversary ...could there be more?????

It’s not something that many of us will want to read, but I hope someone is working to chronicle the events of the past year during the Cporonavirus Pandemic.  As we mark the first anniversary of the discovery of the first Continue reading →Read More

Proms, Commencements, hoping this happens

Taking what might be considered to be baby steps, the people responsible for some of the events that have become part of the fabric of Ohio each spring are making plans to return at least some of them.  Leaders at Continue reading →Read More

ALL MANDATES are GONE.... well not yet BUT........

We now have what many of us have been waiting for since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic a year ago. That’s a definition of what the end-game goal is of efforts to control the spread of the Coronavirus. It came in Continue reading →Read More

OHIO covid19 death toll NOT as bad as we thought........

With so much of the Coronavirus world we’ve lived in for a year, all of the the lock downs, business curtailments and mask wearing mandates based on statistics,   Ohio covid news Tuesday from the Ohio Department Of Health is at Continue reading →Read More


Some  days  I’m more successful than others, but I do try to keep the content of the blogs I write each morning pretty positive. Admittedly that’s been harder to do because of the Coronavirus Pandemic that’s plagued us for a year Continue reading →Read More

While I vacationed in FLORIDA last week.......

A lot of people I know are people-watchers.Watching other people is one of their favorite things to do.I have no people-watching skills, but I am a People-listener.One of my favorite things to do when dining out or traveling is to Continue reading →Read More

Hurry up and RUSH..........

The 20 million fans who tuned in to hear Rush Limbaugh every day hailed him as a patriot, a champion of conservative values and for giving them a powerful voice in politics. His many detractors often blamed him for increasing  division Continue reading →Read More


It’s just a guess, but I’m thinking that outspoken proponents of The Green New Deal, and the theory that our earth’s temperatures are rising out of control aren’t  likely to be making any public appearances soon in Texas. 3.2 of the Continue reading →Read More

SALUTE to those who shovel snow

On PBR IN The Morning, this morning, with your help, we’re saluting the people who are or will be working to help us cope with the first of 2 winter snow-makers we expect in our area this week. These are the Continue reading →Read More

Should our National Anthem stop being played??????????

I’ve waited well over a day to write a blog about the decision by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to stop playing the National Anthem at the start of his National Basketball Association team’s games waiting to see if the Continue reading →Read More

Humor and the rear view mirror

With out any notice it appears to me that an entertainment art form many of us have enjoyed in the past is fast disappearing. That’s political satire that’s actually funny.  I may be wrong but the comedians I’ve heard of late Continue reading →Read More

Be CAREFUL what you wish for it could cost you your life............

A sad story that comes to us from the Detroit Zoo proves that we humans don’t know nearly enough about wild animals, even when we think we have their best interests at heart.  A female Polar Bear named Anana who Continue reading →Read More

COVID19 is disappearing...isn't it?????????

It’s hard to read braille with your fingers crossed,  but I find myself trying to do that these days as I read daily data updates showing the number of new confirmed and probable Coronavirus cases continuing to decline in our Continue reading →Read More

WILL Tampa change their name to TOMPA BAY after last night's win???????????

We may want to add the name of Tampa Florida Mayor Jane Castor to what would be a long list of politicians who’ve spoken out about an idea that sounded like a great one, that at second glance may turn Continue reading →Read More

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