The Doctor Report Nobody Wants To Hear -Bob Ulm

I’ve been writing these blogs for well over a year, and I’ve found that one of the most difficult challenges is writing something that’s personal. But it is something I need to do this time. Because I reacted much more Continue reading →Read More

The Never Ending National Anthem Controversy - Bob Ulm

Just when I thought a jury’s conviction and separate guilty please from 2 formerly close associates might cause our nations most followed social media user to back away from the constant barrage of posts we’ve come to expect, President Trump Continue reading →Read More

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave...-Bob Ulm

For purposes of full disclosure, I am at best a casual Ohio State football fan. I enjoy listening to Buckeye games, and generally root for the Buckeyes when they play. But I’ve only been to a handful of OSU games, and enjoy tailgating Continue reading →Read More

The Unknown Will Soon Be Known - Bob Ulm

Word from Columbus this morning is that the Ohio State board of trustees will get the final report on the outcome of the investigation into what Buckeye’s football coach Urban Myer knew about domestic violence issues concerning a now-former assistant, when he knew, and Continue reading →Read More

A Little Piece Of The Reds - Bob Ulm

Most of us have been suckers for an auction at one time or another. If you have a man cave or office that would look a little nicer with some Cincinnati Reds memorabilia, you’ll be interested to learn that the Continue reading →Read More

3 Days Of Peace & Love Remembered - Bob Ulm

As if there were any need to feel older, an anniversary this week caught my attention. The Woodstock music and art fair opened in upstate New York on this week in 1969. As a not quite 14 year old kid, I remember hearing Continue reading →Read More

Venomous Media - Bob Ulm

In the days since suspended Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer found himself sitting on the hot seat over allegations that he knew of domestic violence accusations against a now former assistant coach but did nothing about it, I’ve Continue reading →Read More

Skeletons From The Past - Bob Ulm

Whether or not you agree with  Peter Strzok’s politics, news that he’d been fired from his FBI position for sending anti-Trump text messages to a fellow worker who just happened to be his mistress a full 2 years ago shouldn’t come Continue reading →Read More

"Tigermania" Roars Again - Bob Ulm

What I’ll call “the Tiger phenomenon” is still alive and well. The interest even casual golf fans have in how the once dominant professional golfer does when he plays, is perhaps as strong as it has ever been. At a Continue reading →Read More

Facebook Faux Pas - Bob Ulm

I’ll admit I’m going to give in to the temptation to poke fun at the mighty today! The mighty being the economic & social media juggernaut which is Facebook. Operators of the social media company had to apologize yesterday after it learned that Continue reading →Read More

Cats Are Like Asparagus - Bob Ulm

Happy International Cat Day! Cat lovers around the world are celebrating today with their feline friends and companions during an international observance organized some 16 years ago by an animal rights group. I’m not a cat guy, but over the years, what Continue reading →Read More

Depression And Mental Health Issues Aren't Funny - Bob Ulm

With suicides claiming a million lives across North America each year, a presentation in Delphos I served as MC for Sunday night was both topical and important. The locally based “SHYAA” organization, an acronym for Seek Help You Are Not Alone, hosted Canadian stand Continue reading →Read More

A Little Less Secure - Bob Ulm

A CNN report this week that our government’s transportation security agency is considering significantly reducing passenger screening at more than 100 small and mid-size airports may come as good news to those of us who have grown to hate the Continue reading →Read More

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave - Bob Ulm

On the day after Ohio State University announced that head football coach Urban Meyer was being placed on paid administrative leave, the reactions to the announcement have been as different and varied as you should probably expect. At issue is exactly when he first Continue reading →Read More

Sometimes Money Doesn't Talk - Bob Ulm

Another pro football player has announced he’s ending a promising career very prematurely over concerns for his long-term health. Joshua Perry, who signed with the Seahawks just 2 months ago after 2 seasons with San Diego, announced on Twitter yesterday that he’d Continue reading →Read More

Uber Should Stick To What It Does Best - Bob Ulm

Word that ride sharing giant Uber is getting out of the business of trying to  develop self-driving semi-tractor-trailer rigs comes as good news for the area schools who offer truck driver training. It’s even better news for those of us who Continue reading →Read More

Passing Radio Down Through Generations - Bob Ulm

Growing up as a kid, my favorite Christmas gift was a transistor radio. From about the time I was 5 or 6 years old, it seemed I got one every year because I’d worn out the one I got the previous year. Continue reading →Read More

Being Full Of It Could Be A Good Thing - Bob Ulm

If we are to believe University Of Colorado researchers, the secret to your success in business or school may be found in your cat’s litter box. Their scholarly report, reported in the proceedings of the Royal Society B publication, indicates they’ve found that a Continue reading →Read More

Facebook May Be Underperforming - Bob Ulm

It’s hard to think that a pity party is in order, but the man who is the face of Facebook is probably smarting just a little bit after his net worth dropped by nearly 20 billion dollars in just 1 Continue reading →Read More

Intelligence...Or Lack-There-Of - Bob Ulm

In all of the uproar over whether or not our President will revoke the security clearances afforded former top-level intelligence experts, it seems the word that’s been lost in all of the debate is that word “former”. I’ve never had Continue reading →Read More

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