Mobil Devices Not Sanitary - Bob Ulm

Few of us can do without our smart phones. They keep us connected but apparently also have the potential for making us sick if you believe the information contained in a new British study detailed in the story below from Continue reading →Read More

Drive Time - Bob Ulm

We don’t have the nice winter weather that you’ll find in the south  and we don’t have some of the cultural and social opportunities you would fine in a major metropolitan area, but in general we’re a lot luckier than Continue reading →Read More

LeBron and Trump Have A Lot In Common - Bob Ulm

Comments this week from LeBron James that he planned to elevate his game to help his Los Angeles Lakers make the NBA post-season play offs have the national sports talking heads taking new shots at him for being unaware that Continue reading →Read More

Weather Reports Now Available From Mars - Bob Ulm

Weather forecasters here at home may sometimes have a tough time making accurate predictions for more than the day ahead, but we now can find out about weather conditions millions of miles away as a story from our news partners Continue reading →Read More

Bye Bye Montana - Bob Ulm

From time to time you hear at least passing reference to the skyrocketing national debt our country is facing. Usually, it’s in conjunction with an election campaign. At other times the fact that the debt far exceeds 20 trillion dollars Continue reading →Read More

Salute to YouTube - Bob Ulm

It may be hard to argue that an event 14 years ago this week may have had more of an impact on our use of the internet than any other so far. The video sharing service YouTube went online for Continue reading →Read More

Cavs Tough To Market - Bob Ulm

I think one of the toughest jobs in the country right now might be marketing the Cleveland Cavaliers.   A franchise that has been wildly successful over the past few seasons, as long as LeBron James was on the team, Continue reading →Read More

Ben Rahrig Next Delphos Jefferson Varsity Football Coach - Bob Ulm

I’d like to personally congratulate Ben Rahrig who was appointed last night to serve as the next Varsity Football coach at Delphos Jefferson Senior High School.   He was the unanimous choice of the Delphos school board. Ben is a Continue reading →Read More

The Ultimate Time Killer For A Music Buff - Bob Ulm

It’s only taken me 63 years but I have stumbled on an on-line game that I can play and enjoy doing so. “Song quiz” is an app that’s built into Alexa in which players challenge each other in a contest Continue reading →Read More

God Speed Mr. Robinson - Bob Ulm

Tributes continue to pour in following the passing Thursday of major league baseball hall of fame player and manager Frank Robinson following a battle with bone cancer.   His on-the-field success is well documented as well as his status as Continue reading →Read More

Isn't Technical Support Fantastic? - Bob Ulm

Any one who’s had to spend time on the phone with a tech support person in a foreign land as I have had to do over the past 3 days trying to resolve an issue with a Netflix account, will Continue reading →Read More

SOTU Response More Partisan Than Ever - Bob Ulm

Here’s a shock! A poll conducted on Americans in the hours following last nights’ State Of The Union speech from President Trump, showed that by wide margins Republicans who watched it had an extremely favorable reaction to it, while those Continue reading →Read More

The Day After - Bob Ulm

I keep saying I’m going to do it, but I forgot again this year. “it” is to take a vacation day on the day after the Super Bowl. Because I didn’t do so, I left a Super Bowl 53 gathering Continue reading →Read More

Brrrrrrrrrr... - Bob Ulm

So just how cold is it out there? I went looking for phrases that have been used by the famous, and the not so famous, to describe just how cold it is. Below are some of my favorites— “Colder than Continue reading →Read More

Stay Inside and listen to Fun 107.1 - Bob Ulm

One of the complaints that you often hear from folks around here is that there’s nothing to do other than work. It might be the number 2 complaint particularly from younger folks, right behind the nasty weather that we get Continue reading →Read More

Gonna be COLD in Atlanta for the Big Game - Bob Ulm

The temperature in Atlanta Georgia pre-dawn today was a chilly 39 degrees.  The forecast for the week leading up to Sundays Super Bowl 53 is calling for temperatures by mid week that will be nearly as brutal as those we’ll Continue reading →Read More

Social Media Doesn't Always Tell The WHOLE Truth - Bob Ulm

The worst of what we know as social media reared it’s ugly head over the weekend when video went viral showing an apparent confrontation between a 64-year old American Indian activist and a Covington Kentucky Catholic high school Junior who Continue reading →Read More

Congrats To The NFL - Bob Ulm

I guess congrats of sorts should be offered to the National Football League. Our nations’ biggest sports business has managed to shift the focus of fans from National Anthem protests, to blown ref calls in big games. One such error, Continue reading →Read More

Our Region Steps Up When Needed - Bob Ulm

Words like these from me probably sound like a broken record but the way in which people in our community and our area respond when there’s a need to be met is truly remarkable. The latest case in point is Continue reading →Read More

Giants Shoes Will Need To Be Filled - Bob Ulm

I don’t know about you, but news I read early today that the 2019 Major League season will be the last on the air for Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman saddened me. The 76-year-old Brennaman, who’s real name is Franchester Continue reading →Read More

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