Thieves and AIR BAGS

A story I read this morning has me wondering what some Columbus Ohio area thieves are thinking- or are not thinking. Columbus police are investigating a recent rash of thefts of air bags from vehicles on the capital city’s north side.   I’ve heard enough horror Continue reading →Read More

Captain Kangaroo vs Today's ON DEMAND kids shows

A story about my 3-year-old grand son that I heard over the weekend highlights the big changes that are coming in the way we view video content these days. In what may have been his first time watching a program Continue reading →Read More

The Stock Market vs Your PENSION..........

Class warfare may be a daily part of the political landscape in our country, but I think there’s something that’s significantly blurring the lines between “us’s” and “thems”. And that’s the Stock Market.Growing up as most of us did in Continue reading →Read More

Cleaning out that closet.....OUCH!!!!!!!

It’s not nice enough these days to do much outside, and my bride and I are not much for binge watching TV programs, so the extra time we have these days is spent “reorganizing” We call it reorganizing because it’s Continue reading →Read More

New Year Resolutions: JUST be YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!

We’re now 15 days in to the New Year. How are those new years resolutions you made working out? Are you sticking to your promise to yourself to exercise more, to eat less, to develop a better work-life balance or Continue reading →Read More

Does NO one WANT to work?????????

The sign up at an area fast food restaurant indicating the business would be closed indefinitely because of a lack of employees is a startling indication of an American economy that’s apparently  just too good. For those of us who’ve seen Continue reading →Read More

1" of rain = 13" of SNOW oh be still my heart....

If this were a normal-weather January, the storm system that will be moving through the area over the next couple of days might bring us snow that would be measured in feet. Instead, we’re expecting rain, and quite a bit Continue reading →Read More

COOKIES....mmmmmmmmmmm LOVE THEM...

A tasty promotion that may run counter to those New years resolutions you made to shed some pounds is getting under way this week. The Girls Scouts organization is launching it’s annual cookie  drive, expecting to sell millions of boxes of Continue reading →Read More

How far will you go as a BROWNS and BENGALS FAN????

Being a fan of the Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals may expose you to constant ridicule from fans of other teams who have winning records, but if a petition filed with the people who regulate Ohio’s medical Marijuana program is approved, Continue reading →Read More

Where is the ICE FISHING...Snowmobiles?????

To steal a line from an anti-drunk driving campaign spot you may have heard “look outside. Know what you don’t see?” What you don’t see outside today is snow!You won’t have to scrape your windows or endure sub-zero wind chills. Continue reading →Read More

Vince Koza: The IMPACT he had on 1000's of people

Having to announce funeral arrangements for our long time colleague and local sports broadcasting legend Vince Koza this morning was one of the sadder things I’ve had to do recently to be sure. After  the shock of the news that Vince had been Continue reading →Read More

After 48 years it's FINALLY happening.........

With the start of our new Fun 1071 morning show just days away I guess the feelings I have are kind of like those of an expectant parent. You know you’re going to have a kid, but you have no Continue reading →Read More

2020..It's all about Sauerkraut

By the time the sun was thinking about coming  out this morning I had been typing 2020 on files that I have to input for our programming this morning for about 5 hours,  but I will admit I still had to think Continue reading →Read More

Last Day of my BLOG for 2019.........

No it’s not the LAST BLOG ever just because if you know me you also know I have MANY MANY OPINIONS to put out to the world. BUT I do want to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year. Have Continue reading →Read More

Bob's 2020 New Year's Resolution....Consider this one....

As the end of another year approaches we’ve reached the season of what I like to call “the gonna-do’s”.  Lots of folks will spend time making New Years resolutions about the things they’re gonna do during 2020. Most of them will Continue reading →Read More

The BEST and WORST of 2019

We’ve put away our Fun 1071 Christmas music songs for another year.The tree and lights will soon be coming down, giving way to the season of “lists.”  Near the end of the year people who compile things for one or another Continue reading →Read More

Bob's 12 Day's of Christmas: DAY 12..MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

Once again this Christmas season area residents and our listeners have done what they always do. They’ve dug deep donating to charities and causes they care for serving those who have less in the communities we serve.  The Delphos Community Christmas Continue reading →Read More

Bob's 12 day's of Christmas: day's 8,9,10 and 11

As Christmas approaches it’s time to take time to express thankfulness for the people and things that make the season brighter. First for me are family’ friends and listeners who’ve made this a good year for me, but near the top Continue reading →Read More

Bob's 12 Day's of Christmas: Day 7... I miss the toy's of past...

Considering the dislike or outright disdain being expressed in much of the national media toward guns and gun owners, news that the Nerf Gun is one of the most popular toys this Christmas season is pretty interesting. As a kid Continue reading →Read More

Bob's 12 Day's of Christmas: Day 6 Favorite Holiday Songs

It’s been nice to hear the positive comments about our flip early yesterday morning to All Christmas 24-7 until Christmas on Fun 1071.   Christmas music seems to be one of the few remaining things about the way we live that most Continue reading →Read More

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