Daniel Boone...The Big Valley... and betting on my 401K

If you had told me as late as 2 weeks ago that I would have taken in more than 6 hours of television time during the next to last weekend in March I would have been willing to bet all Continue reading →Read More

Don't be to hard on the SPRING BREAKERS, You were young once...

The images of college students living it up on spring break in California and Florida this week that resulted in an outburst of social media backlash from folks who’ve been impacted by the Corona Virus, many of them hunkered down Continue reading →Read More

HELPING others should be PRIORITY #1..........

The news these days is filled with stories about the impact the Corona Virus is having on us, the way we live, the way we work and the way we interact with each other.   We never heard the term Continue reading →Read More

VOTING in Ohio CANCELLED...........

The precautions being taken to try  to control the Corona virus including postponement of  the March primary in Ohio today, have changed our lives at least temporarily  in ways few of us could have imagined just a couple of weeks Continue reading →Read More

How things have CHANGED.......

In 46 years I’ve taken approximately 100 weeks of vacation But never has so much happened while I was gone than last Wednesday through Friday when my bride and I and 2 close friends decided to support the economy in Continue reading →Read More

GAS prices under $2.00 a gallon OHHH YEAH.....

At times like these it can be tough to find something to be positive about in the deluge of news and information that reaches us each day. But, if you’re looking for something to smile about you may find it Continue reading →Read More

Are YOU Smarter than ME?????????????

To admit there are people smarter than me is not just wise, it’s something it seems I get to do almost on a weekly basis. The latest craze I have a difficulty understanding is the pre-shopping that you can do Continue reading →Read More


This isn’t just the first Friday in March, or the Friday before the start of Daylight Savings Time.  This March 6th has been designated as “the national day of unplugging.” Today is meant for folks to unplug, rewind and relax. That Continue reading →Read More

What have you forgotten today???????????

Political commentators on the right are having a field day these days pointing out, playing and replaying speech gaffs from former vice president Joe Biden, taking jabs at the man who is looking increasingly likely to be the Democratic party’s  Continue reading →Read More

Do 29 yr. old's just not care???????

Whether you care about the results of Super Tuesday balloting in Democratic Party primaries yesterday or not, I think there is one trend that should be a concern to all of us who worry about the future of our country. Continue reading →Read More

Rick and Phil find out what Bob goes through.....

You didn’t hear my blog on PBR in the morning yesterday morning, and you couldn’t read it either. The reason is simple! We spent about 3.5 hours doing with out electricity. Though we had planned for a great morning show Continue reading →Read More

WHY do we need a LEAP YEAR?????????

This is Leap Year, and Saturday February 29th is Leap Day. The reason we need another day every 4th year is that a year is only 365.24 days long, something an astronomer for Emperor Julius Caesar figured out in 45 Continue reading →Read More

The Debates: Do they know they sound childish when they argue?

Even the most ardent of supporters of President Trump will have to admit there are times that he appears, as some put it,less than presidential. But I suspect there is more than one speech teacher out there, who’s been trying Continue reading →Read More

Here's how to live to be over 100.......

It’s a pretty safe bet that none of us ever met Hitetsu Watanabe, but maybe we would have all been better off if we had. The man the Guinness Book Of World Records says was the oldest living man in Continue reading →Read More

Virus and the effect it has on Stock Market and your IRA

Much of the international news these days is dominated by stories surrounding the Corona Virus. As the number of cases of the virus around the world continues to climb and the death toll from it continues to grow it’s having Continue reading →Read More

Grandpa, Grandchildren and the SUN

Maybe because I didn’t believe that temperatures would reach the lower 50’s yesterday, this Grandpa was not prepared for what was a very nice Sunday to spend some time outside. I hadn’t fully charged the batteries in our grandsons; riding Continue reading →Read More

The RIGHT to EXPRESS yourself.. or NOT

At a time when we are encouraged to accept diversity: to live and let live:  the response from officials at the university of Albany in new York state to a student party and social media posts sounds eerily like a bid Continue reading →Read More

He may be unheard of....BUT............

The technology world is mourning the loss of a man who’s name you never heard before who made a mark on the computing industry patenting a function  many of us use multiple times every day. Larry Tesler was working at Xerox Continue reading →Read More

My BUCKET List and Medicare.......

Something I discovered searching through the “my documents” file on my home computer yesterday made me smile and just a tad sad too. For some reason, I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to do and accomplish back Continue reading →Read More

Real or NOT...GOOSE or DUCK....

The procrastinators among us may be able to learn a lesson from one of the hundreds of ducks who’ve found Delphos is a place with plenty of available food and drivers who will stop their cars so they can safely Continue reading →Read More

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